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Annihilation: Guides

Jan 2, 2019
Annihilation: Guides
  • A collection of player made guides. As well as several small tips from players.
    For individual class strategies, check out its page under the classes page.

    (You may link your own, but please note that guides may be removed if they are poorly written)


    Guides that don't fall under defense or offense.
    Mysterious_Seven's general quick reference guide for everything Annihilation!
    konyvfalovb's guide for classes
    andrew323's damage mechanic guide


    Guides for defending your team and your base.
    Murgatron's Defense Guide
    Charman's Spy Defense Guide


    Guides for attacking and killing your enemies.
    cchiribelea's Nexus Attacking Guide
    Captain_Oof's Skybridge Guide


    Guides for classes, buying, rating, or use.

    DrPyro's Class guide for 1.6! http://.net/forum/threads/new-1-6-class-rankings.292564/#post-2377879
    Quartermaster's Class Rating for Anni 2.0! https://.net/forum/threads/a-guide-on-which-class-to-buy.320626/#post-2601367

    General tips(top)

    General playing tips from players usually not covered in guides.
    • Always even out your Defense, Attack and Mid groups.
    • If you kill someone with stuff you cannot use/already have, store them in a public chest near your teams spawn or mid base. It really helps! Even a chest full of stone swords helps.
    • Use a golden pickaxe to break the enemy nexus faster.
    • Try to build bridges and tunnels to the enemy bases. Just remember that the enemy can use them too if you lose control of it.
    • If you see enemies on a sky bridge get a bow so you can knock them off.
    • There is an enchantment table in your nexus building, save up your levels for some enchanting.
    • Check your Nexus at ALL times. The enemy will strike at times you least expect it.
    • If you have nothing on you and your Nexus is being damaged do /kill so you will die but be taken back to your base and you can attack the enemies destroying the Nexus.
    • You can use a enemy team's nether portal to teleport back to your own, which is useful after destroying a nexus.
    • Try to get a big group of teammates and rush the enemies Nexuses.
    • If people are stealing from your furnace, use the maps ender-furnace, usually located near your base.
    • If you see a nether star on the ground, do not step on it for 3 seconds as it may be the enemy's scorpio hook.(If it doesn't disappear, it is a boss buff, then you can pick it up.)
    • It's best to rush at phase 5 since you do double nexus damage.
    • Use the maps on the wiki to your advantage! All maps have multiple iron mines and coal mines for each team.
    • Try to find a group of teammates and help each other gather and fight.
    • Always check the sides of the map near your nexus, They could have type of skybasing as seen on the skybase page on this wiki.


    • Build them.
    • Its best to make them layered with different types of materials, such as dirt/wool, as it creates a need to use multiple tools to get through.
    • Know that checkered patterns are harder to make and work just the same as their, "easier to make," counterpart; layered walls.
    • Know that a wall will not completely stop enemies, it will only slow them down or deter invisibles.
    • Good for making towers and sniping shots on.
    • Try to make strategic openings for your team to go through, such as at the corner, or it will limit your mobility, and probably get taken down.
    • Check the edges and the outsides for holes that enemy rushers might have made, and repair if necessary.
    • Do not make too many openings or enemies will get through easier.
    • Make walls AROUND your spawn. This way, you can go straight to the nexus during strength rushes.
    • It is best to make them out of materials like bricks, wool, and dirt.
    • For a passage through you could use a teleporter to make it only passable to enemies by building structures (Though this may be a bit hard to manage and a small waste of a Transporter class)

    Nexus Defense(top)

    • Can be different for different maps.
    • You should have at least two people guarding it at once.
    • Watch for skybridges, Tower bridges (or really, any bridge) invisible players, acrobats, strength 2/OP apple players, and obvious things like other team players sprinting around in your base.
    • Make sure to have anti- notch apple and strength defenses.


    • Potion ingredients can be purchased from the shop. If you brew a night vision potion then add a fermented spider eye you can make invisibility potions (It is recommended to use Redstone to extend these potions from the regular 3 minutes, to 8 minutes). Take off all of your armor, hold nothing in your hand and sneak to the enemy nexus! Be warned: Once you break the nexus you will become visible.
    • Getting strength 2 and a diamond sword means a one hit kill on any leather players.
    • Regen can be very handy in a fight.
    • Get full diamond and a notch apple and you will be next-to invincible.
    • Beware when using a invisibility potion, if you break any blocks or take any damage you will lose your invisibility
      Strength I/II
      - Nether Wart- Blaze Powder-Glowstone for Str II or Redstone for Str I (extended)
    Regeneration I/II
    -Nether Wart
    - Ghast tears
    - Glowstone for Regen II or Redstone for Regen I (extended)

    -Nether wart
    -Golden carrot
    -fermented spider eye
    -Redstone dust


    • Make walls to stop arrow fire from knocking your teammates off.
    • Launchers are very useful when you use them over an enemy base.
    • If you are a Transporter, place a teleport from the base to the end of the bridge so teammates can get back on faster.
    • If attacking a enemy skybridge, use the Wizard's Whirlwind to knock players off. This will usually pick off the builders and almost everyone except for some mobility classes. (Acrobat/Scout/Assassin/Vampire)
    • Do NOT cover all the platform with blocks, build one block high around your platform to be able to shoot your enemies down who are trying to pillar up.
    • Use Vampire to hijack enemies' skybridge while attacking one.