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Annihilation: Competitive Annihilation

Feb 17, 2017
Annihilation: Competitive Annihilation
  • Annihilation has a competitive gamemode that you can play by typing /compete in the Annihilation lobby or right clicking the diamond sword in the lobby. In this mode, there are two teams: red and blue. Your objective is the same as any regular game: destroy the enemy nexus while protecting your own. You cannot choose your team, however you can get your friends on your team buy adding them to a party by simply typing /party invite [player] (note: this is a premium only feature, however you can buy a party pass in the xp shop under SMASH (unknown if this works)).

    The game is split into 5 phases, the first lasting 10 minutes and the remaining lasting 5 minutes.

    Phase 1: Nexus blocks are invincible
    Phase 2: Nexus blocks lose their invincibility
    Phase 3: Diamond ores spawn in the center of the map. Witches spawn in their huts.
    Phase 4: Wither boss spawns. Blaze powder is added to potion shop
    Phase 5: Double Nexus damage with nexus bleed

    The game will stop at phase 5 and stay there until the game is over.

    The Nexus(top)

    The Nexus is the most important block in the game.
    Each Nexus only starts with 50 hit points, and when mined it will lose 1 HP each time, or 2 In Phase 5. When mined it makes a very loud anvil sound at the base, or a light note block sound if you aren't close enough, to alert the team their nexus is being hit.
    In phase 5, the nexus will be hit with a bleed. Every 30 seconds, the nexus will lose 1 HP.

    Shotbow XP works the same as in regular gameplay:
    Mining the nexus rewards the entire team with +1 XP (+2 XP in phase 5), however the bleed will NOT reward the team any xp
    Killing an enemy rewards you with +3 XP (+6 XP if defending/attacking a nexus or in memory of your team)
    Killing the Wither will reward the team that killed it +25 XP.
    If your team's nexus is destroyed, the team receives +10 XP
    Winning the game rewards the entire team with +100 XP.
    Multipliers do work in Annihilation, so each XP Gain gets the respective multiplied amount. [Only for Premium/Sub which can be bought here.]


    Unlike regular Annihilation games, when a player chooses a class, no other player may choose that class as well in your team (other than Civilian). This means you must choose your class wisely and quickly if you plan to use a class. You must also use your class to benefit your team, meaning the miner must mine iron for the whole team and the enchanter must enchant for the whole team.

    This also means that the other team will only have one player using a single class. Minerushing is more effective, as there will only be one miner in the team. Attacking the nexus will be easier, as there will only be one possible player using the defender class. You only ever have to worry about a single tp rush.


    Winning/losing a competitive game will decide what happens to your ELO. If you manage to win a game, you will gain ELO based on your performance. Contributing more to your team (unsure how this is calculated) will give you more ELO. If you manage to lose a game, you will lose ELO based on your performance. Contributing less to your team will make you lose more ELO.

    Leaving a competitive game early results in harsh punishments, including not being able to play a competitive game for a period of time and losing ELO. Whether your team wins or loses doesn't matter.