Annihilation: Coastal

Nov 10, 2016
Annihilation: Coastal
  • Coastal is the first map that was in rotation for the Annihilation alpha. Each team gets their own island with a large pile of logs, two Iron mines, two Coal mines, a Gold mine, Redstone mine and an Emerald mine. Once Phase 3 starts, diamonds start to spawn at the center of the map. (Look on the map for locations)
    Melons and wheat can be found in a farm area near you team's spawn. Each team's Nexus Tower is marked with a colored star. You can find the Nexus by going down the stairs inside the Tower to the bottom; it is an Endstone block connected by netherbrick-fences.
    A high level enchanting table can be found in the Nexus room, a low level enchanting table can be found at the top of the nexus Tower, use these to enchant your gear.

    The Red/Yellow and Blue/Green islands are connected via a bridge.
    Brewing and Weapons shops can be found near the starting area and inside the ground floor of the Nexus Tower.
    The area in and around the Nexus Tower is protected from block breaking and placing.
    Also, there are anvils in the waterfall the of red team and blue team.
    The Ender Furnace is located in the closest of the wool stalls near the nexus Tower.


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