Annihilation: AnniZ

Jul 12, 2017
Annihilation: AnniZ
  • Anniz was added in the 2014 July update and was removed from circulation after the October vote, this makes AnniZ the second map to be removed as part of the map rotation system (after Collis). The map was created by The terrain is world-downloaded part of volcanic MineZ biome. The spawn is modified Al Hasa town, iron mine is modified Al Hasa Quarry, and diamond mine is Eillom town. According to the poll created by Zentz01, the map is mostly disliked due to flat terrain and plenty of gravel. (circa 65% of voting players wants removal of Anniz)

    The Red/Green and Blue/Yellow Sections are connected by bridges.
    The Shops are both inside the Nexus Tower, along with the Ender Furnace, and an enchantment table downstairs.
    Stars mark where the nexus is at.


    -Strategy 1
    -Strategy 2
    -Strategy 3

    Tips (by conflicttFTW):
    -The map is very open, making bows super effective, and with all the gravel around easy to obtain as well!
    -The main gate is very easy to fortify, you can make pillars etc inside it, and add a roof with ladders on your side- you can get on top and run over, while enemies usually run through!
    -That windmill sure has a good angle into the Nexus room right? This is a great advantage and disadvantage- you can shot baddies off your nexus, or they can provide aid to their attacking comrades! Control the Mill, control the fort!
    -there is a thin outer lip in between the walls and the void- you can run all the way around the bases without stepping a foot inside!