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Annihilation: Alpine

Jul 17, 2018
Annihilation: Alpine
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    Image of the map

    is an Annihilation map and got added in May of 2015. The map has been referred to as a "...mix of Andorra, Coastal, and Valleys into one map.."

    There is a coal mine inside of the walled-off spawn area. A second coal mine is located just outside of the wall. Directly infront of that, along the stone path, is the iron mine. To the left of the iron mine is the redstone mine. A gravel mine is located directly to the right of the iron mine. Directly to the right of that is the Lapis mine. A second iron mine is above the lapis mine. The gold mine is located tot he left of the scond iron mine, and to the right of the main path to mid. Along the path to mid is the emerald mine.

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    -Strategy 1
    -Strategy 2
    -Strategy 3

    -Tip 1
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    -Tip 3
    Team Chaos