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Anni: Swapper

Jul 17, 2018
Anni: Swapper
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    You are the substitute
    The swapper is able to swap places with a nearby enemy every 20 seconds. The enemy that is swapped has absorption 2 applied for three seconds. The swapper is a team based ganking class that is best suited for players moving in groups and can be used to bring enemies to a location or bring yourself to a more advantageous position once held by your enemy.

    Purchase for 20,000 XP (Lifetime only)

    Class Info

    The Swapper comes with basic tools and music disc for swapping. Swaps your position with that of the enemy. You must be standing on solid ground in order to make the swap.
    Right click with the "Swapper" within a range of 16 blocks from a player to commence it. Once swapped both you and the enemy get 4 absorption hearts for 5 seconds. You will also have 8 seconds of no fall damage.

    • Gain a higher position that the enemy is occupying, like swapping a defender off of his wall.
    • Use the slowness to run from the enemy or jump around him.
    • Gain 4 absorption hearts for a few seconds when you swap.
    • Take no fall damage for a few seconds when you swap.
    • Both you and the enemy can be confused about where you end up.
    • Absorption may be beneficial to the enemy.
    Tips and Tactics
    • Drag people out of bases (normally mid-bases) allowing your teammates to attack the victim also allowing you to attack unprepared enemies (works best with archers).
    • Teleport past walls and pits made to defend the enemy nexus.
    • Teleport enemies that try to run away such as scout.
    • Get in a group of teammates and rush somewhere. the swapper can swap, while the teammates kill the person. keep in mind that said person can not run away, due to the slowness 2 applied when swapping.
    • Use the no fall damage to jump into a large pitfall, such as the canyon on Canyon, to escape enemies who are chasing you.
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