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Anni: Sniper

Jul 17, 2018
Anni: Sniper
    You are the rain.
    A sniper is trained in the art of picking off their foes from a distance.
    Fire arrows with increased velocity and without the effects of gravity.
    Using the class ability will increase arrow usage and durability cost on your bow.

    Purchase for 20,000 XP (Lifetime only)

    Class info

    The Sniper comes with a set of wooden tools, a bow and 32 arrows.
    The Sniper can take any bow and turn it into a Compound bow by left-clicking it. (Excluding boss buff bows)
    From here, it can be left-clicked to switch between Normal bow mode, which simply offers regular firing mechanics, and Sniper bow mode.

    In Sniper bow mode, a bow may only fire when fully drawn and will eat up a single arrow plus 5 durability.
    If the bow is enchanted with Infinity, no arrows will be used, however 10 durability/shot will be taken off.
    If the bow is enchanted with Unbreaking, each level will decrease the amount of durability/shot used up by 1, therefore enabling a minimum of 2 durability/shot with a non-Infinity bow or 7 durability/shot with an Infinity bow.
    Arrows fired whilst in Sniper mode will also shoot at a 2.5x velocity with zero drop-off.

    • Ability is compatible with almost all bows.
    • Unmatched accuracy in Sniper mode.
    • Zero drop-off in Sniper mode, simplifying aiming and enabling otherwise difficult/impossible shots such as through slits or small gaps.
    • Significantly increased velocity in Sniper mode, increasing your window of time for taking a shot and decreasing the time an enemy has to dodge.
    • Sniper mode requires shots to be fully drawn, hampering agility and flexibility.
    • Bow durability usage is very high.
    • Player render distance (and potentially regular render distance) restricts the effectively infinite range you have in Sniper mode.
    Tips & Tactics
    • The zoom feature in Optifine can act as a scope. It is fantastic for long-range engagements and precise shots.
    • Stock up on a large supply of arrows as the provided 32 are inadequate.
    • Repair damaged bows using an anvil to retain enchantments. Note that this will become increasingly more expensive in terms of experience due to prior work penalty.
    • An Unbreaking enchantment on your bow is invaluable for sustaining in prolonged fights (such as at mid) and avoiding constant repairing.
    • You can easily counter skybridges by watching for new blocks being place and then shooting down the bridge.
    • Set up sniper nests with only small slits to shoot through, preventing other non-sniper classes from retaliating.
    • You can set up a small sniper nest underwater. It is extremely hard to counter due to slowed movement in water, and arrow drop in water. Only other snipers, swappers, and scorpios will pose threats to you.
    Video Review