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Anni: Scout

Jul 17, 2018
Anni: Scout
  • [IMG][IMG][IMG][IMG]
    You are the feet.
    Use your permanent speed boost to maneuver around the battlefield, and your grapple to ascend to new heights and gain perspective on the battlefield!

    Unlock: Reach Master-I Rank (50,000p)

    Class info

    The Scout starts off with a Grapple and a Golden sword. The Scout also gets a permanent Speed I effect when not wearing iron or diamond armor.

    Using your grapple: Simply cast and allow the hook to attach to a block, then reel in to launch yourself toward it. The higher the end of the hook is from you, the stronger the launch will be. When holding the grapple, all fall damage is halved.

    Grappling has a 3 second cooldown and cannot be used while on fire, under the slowness effect or in your offhand.

    • Grapple allows extreme mobility with minimal cooldown.
    • Speed I effect allows for shorter travel times and easier strafing in PvP.
    • The hook is extremely powerful, and without proper knowledge of its forces and angles, can quickly lead you to a terrain-inflicted death.
    • Speed is removed when wearing heavy armor.
    Tips & Tactics
    • The Grapple can be attached to a block, then you can lower yourself/jump off an edge to cause the Grapple to launch you higher (commonly referred to as 'Bungee Jumping').
    • While you're bungee jumping, you can slowly bungee jump towards the direction of some water to land safely.
    • Throw your grapple straight in front of you while running to get an even bigger speed boost.
    • You can grapple from the bottom of a block, on ladders, and from fences with proper timing.
    • When fleeing pursuers, try placing your hook on the ground and running in the same direction without releasing it. When far away enough, you can release the hook whilst sprint jumping to be catapulted past your pursuer, confusing them and allowing you to head back towards your original destination.
    Video Review