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Anni: Miner

Jul 17, 2018
Anni: Miner
    You are the backbone.
    You support the war effort by gathering the raw materials your soldiers' gear needs. You get a chance for double ore and a special ability that makes ore respawn faster!

    Unlock: Reach Novice-I Rank (250p)

    Class info

    Every ore you mine has an 80% chance of giving you two instead of one. The Miner starts with an 'Efficiency I' Stone Pickaxe, 8 pieces of coal, and a Furnace. This allows them get to mining right away. (The coal is not soulbound).

    The Gold Rush ability causes ores mined by the user in the next 30 seconds to respawn 20% faster. Cooldown 90 seconds.

    • Increased ore yield.
    • Immediate access to iron due to the starting stone pickaxe.
    • Ability to duplicate furnaces and coal.
    • Mining with 'Gold Rush' active decreases respawn timers by 20%.
    • No real combat advantages.
    Tips & Tactics
    • Go straight for the iron mine when you spawn and get around 40 iron. Now you are set for full iron armor, and some extra for emergency.
    • When Mining you can get geared up much faster than others.
    • Mining gold will help produce more potions for your team.
    • The efficiency pick is very good when used in a rush, best when used with a transporter rush.
    Video Review