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Anni: Mercenary

Jul 17, 2018
Anni: Mercenary
  • [IMG]

    You are the soldier.
    Mark enemies for death, encouraging focus fire from your team.
    Marked enemies take increased damage and glow, providing your team the ability to easily track them down.

    Purchase for 20,000 XP -OR-
    Unlock: Reach Gold-I Rank (20,000p)

    Class info

    The Mercenary spawns with a set of wooden tools, a chain helmet and a skull named 'Mark'
    You can use the mark while looking at an enemy to mark them. Marking an enemy will shoot a creeper firework into the sky to alert players a player has been marked. The marked player will have the glowing effect (can see them through walls). They will also take 10% more damage.

    • Marks enemies, making them easier for your team to kill.
    • Marking invisible players will make them show up.
    • The Mark of Death is not able to target vanished spies.
    • You cannot use the Mark of Death if the target isn't in your Line of Sight (LOS) (ie cannot mark people behind a wall).
    Tips & Tactics
    • Marking an enemy and then immobilizing or corrupting them can seriously hinder them. Can make a swift death even swifter.
    Video Review
    Outdated video