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Anni: Lumberjack

Jul 17, 2018
Anni: Lumberjack
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    Will need numbers for durability damage for each axe type
    You are the axe.
    Gather wood with an efficiency axe, with the chance of gaining double yield. Tear armour to shreds with your brute force ability!

    Purchase for 20,000 XP (Lifetime only)

    Class info

    The Lumberjack comes with an Efficiency I stone axe and a brick block called "Brute Force". You also have an 50% chance to get 2 logs every time you mine one.
    You can activate the Brute Force ability to deal an additional 20 durability damage to enemy armor for the next 10 seconds when using any axe. It has a 45 second cooldown. The extra armor damage is enough to break leather armor in just a few hits, and put serious damage on iron armored enemies.

    • Increased wood yield.
    • The extra armor damage can shatter strong armor.
    • Outclassed by the Builder class for wall construction.
    Tips & Tactics
    • You can use the lumberjack's axe to break Coastal's bridges early game.
    • Getting a few hits on an iron/diamond armored enemy is often enough to make them retreat, as their armor will break quickly after a few tries.
    Video Review
    Parts of this review are now out of date!