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Anni: Hunter

Jul 17, 2018
Anni: Hunter
    You are the stalker.
    Use your 3 invisible and dastardly traps to create chaos amongst your enemies!

    Purchase for 20,000 XP (Lifetime only)

    Class info

    The Hunter spawns with a set of wooden tools, and a lead name Trap Snare.
    You can left click the trap snare on the ground to place a 3x3 trap in the ground, which will be triggered when an enemy steps on one of the blocks. You can choose from one of the following:
    (Freeze) - Gives Slowness II for 10 seconds.
    (Blast) - Blasts the enemy with explosive damage, and has strong knockback.
    (Decay) - Gives enemies Wither II and Blindness for 8 seconds.
    (Levitation) - Gives enemies levitation and slowness for 8 seconds.

    There is a 30-second cooldown between placing your trap again.
    You can place traps anywhere on any block, they will take on the form of those blocks. Maximum size is a 3x3 and minimum size of 1x1. The size is auto-selected by the area that you click on when placing your trap.
    You can only have one of each trap out at a time, however, you can replace a trap by placing it again (after the 30-second cooldown) somewhere else. Traps will be destroyed if you change class or die.

    Only you and your teammates can see your traps, they are indicated by particles above where the trap is. The particles take on the block form of each trap, for example, Blast particles will be fragments of TNT.

    • Set traps that surprise the enemy.
    • Traps are completely invisible to enemies, except on placing, they will be able to see the traps placement animation.
    • Your traps are broken when you die
    Tips & Tactics
    • Keep a trap set at the entrance to your base. Any invisible enemies will be revealed by the damage when they step on it.
    • Explosive traps have more than enough knockback to send an enemy falling to their death or into the void.
    • This is best used on Skybridges, when the enemy cannot walk around your trap. Build a 3x3 platform somewhere along your Skybridge, disguise your trap, and put a furnace and a crafting bench on it to make it look less suspicious! Lead some full diamonds there, and watch the rage!
    Video Review
    Parts of this review are now out of date!