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Anni: Dasher

Jul 17, 2018
Anni: Dasher
  • [IMG]
    You are the confusion.
    Blink away to far distances or evade your enemies, or blink behind them to get the jump on them!
    Teleporting takes a lot of energy, you are briefly weakened when you blink, additionally, you lose hunger depending on distance traveled.
    Slaying an enemy grants a small amount of hunger back to you!

    Purchase for 20,000 XP (Lifetime only)

    Class info

    The Dasher spawns with a set of wooden tools, an ender pearl and 6 soulbound bread.
    You can use the ender pearl by sneaking to 'Dash' between 5 - 25 blocks at the cost of 0.5 ([IMG]) to 3 hunger ([IMG][IMG][IMG]) hunger, depending on the distance 'Dashed'.
    An emerald block will be placed to show visually where you will 'Dash' to.
    You will also receive Blindness for 1 second and Weakness 2 for 4 seconds.
    The Dasher cannot 'Dash' through walls.
    The Blink ability has a 5 second cooldown on use.

    • You can blink 25 blocks in any direction, including through water, to high places, to low places, or even out of Swapper traps.
    • Killing enemies restores a little hunger.
    • You can dash into your Nexus, very effective on certain maps; such as Kingdom.
    • 'Blink' does not go through walls.
    • Hunger meter becomes an issue if used too often.
    • Weakness and Blindness makes it more difficult to kill players you are engaging with blink.
    Tips & Tactics
    • You can't be hooked by Scorpios whilst blinking.
    • If an enemy is running away, blink 5 blocks in front of them so you can finish them off without the weakness.
    • Use farmer to harvest more bread, or use miner to get gold and buy beef from the shop.
    • Boots of grace will allow you to become EXTREMELY mobile, nearly impossible to catch if played correctly.
    Video Review