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Anni: Civilian

Jul 17, 2018
Anni: Civilian
    You are the worker.
    You may not have the special abilities of the other classes, but don't worry! Civilians fuel the war effort with their set of stone tools. Get to work!

    Unlocked by default.

    Class info

    The Civilian starts a stone pickaxe, stone axe, stone shovel, a chest, and a portable crafting table (Brick)

    • Very convenient and time-efficient crafting.
    • Only class to spawn directly with both a stone pickaxe, shovel and axe.
    • Ability is irrelevant in combat and becomes redundant with a nearby crafting table, particularly in the later stages of a match where crafting is infrequent.
    • Stone tools are irrelevant in late stages of the game.
    • Outclassed by Miner and Lumberjack when looking to mine ores or wood at a fully efficient level.
    Tips & Tactics
    • Use your above-average default tools and quick crafting to work on structures in the early-game.