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Anni: Archer

Jul 17, 2018
Anni: Archer
    You are the arrow.
    You are the arrow. The last word in ranged combat, deal +1 damage with any bow. Make 3 arrows for the price of one! Activate your special ability to get 32 arrows once every 45 seconds.

    Unlock: Reach Novice-II Rank (500p)

    Class info
    The Archer starts with a Punch 1 Bow, 16 Arrows, and a Potion of Instant Health I.
    The Archer deals +1 base damage with any bow.
    The Archer can activate its Arrow Drop ability to get 32 arrows, which has a cooldown of 45 seconds.
    The Archer can also craft arrows without using a feather, however this will only yield you 3 arrows per craft. (As opposed to the usual 4)

    • +1 ([IMG]) damage with a bow.
    • You can instantly make 32 arrows every 45 seconds.
    • Create arrows if you lack feathers.
    • Spawn with a bow for instant ranged attacks.
    • One of the only 4 classes to spawn with a health potion.
    • No mobility or AoE abilities makes Archer vulnerable from close range.
    Tips & Tactics
    • Use the shovel you start with to quickly gather more arrow materials.
    • If you have the feathers, it is best to make the full arrow rather than leave it out.
    • Punch on the bow is useful for knocking enemies off their perch.
    • Build a hideout near mid and snipe the players there.
    • Some maps have glowstone, which you can use to make spectral arrows.
    • The punch bow is very useful when defending. Knock players off the map when they are trying to break through your defenses.
    • +1 Damage is equal to +50% damage on any bow, which equates to an upgrade from a Normal Bow to Power I or Power I/II/III/IV/V upgraded to Power III/IV/V/VI/VII. This makes Archer very powerful early game if you can get decent luck on your bow enchantments.
    Video Review
    Parts of this review are now out of date!