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Admin Bunker

Jul 14, 2018
Admin Bunker
  • [IMG]

    The Admin Bunker was built by GraphicH as a troll for the Beta MineZ players. There are rumors that some intrepid Beta players managed to get inside, however no normal player has proof of penetrating its walls. It is located deep under the frozen lake around Paluster.

    It contains 3 levels: A den with books and a regal fire place, a kitchen with a single cake standing in the center, a basement with chests and "barrels" with "beer", A hallway filled with each admin's room and a hidden strip club....

    It has been confirmed by RedBanHammer that there is no way in other than being teleported by an admin (and don't go and try to ask an admin to teleport you in to the bunker, because the answer is no).

    Also the atrium is no longer there, meaning the highest point of the Admin Bunker is around a height level of Y 15.

    It is seen on YouTube in a video by GuardenGnome that behind a painting there is a giant spawner under a line of nether brick fences, the strip club.

    General Info
    Coordinates (-380, -1720)
    Area Type Inaccessible Area
    Number of Buildings 1
    Zombie Threat None
    Number of Chests Unlootable Chests
    Lootable Graves 0