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A MineZ Guide by PinkAng3l

Jul 7, 2018
A MineZ Guide by PinkAng3l
  • This page is UNOFFICIAL. It won't be altered or edited any further. The information on this page could be outdated.

    MineZ is a zombie apocalypse game, where your main goal is to survive. Players and zombies alike make MineZ a very hard game, but with a little help from the wiki, you'll become a pro at it in no time!


    Step one:
    Be very careful about who you trust. I cannot emphasis this point enough. From my own experience, trusting people should be a very rare thing. You should only trust a few people, and never let your guard down around anytime.
    Step two:
    Step two is, don't stay in the spawn towns for very long, as people tend to spawn there :stuck_out_tongue: and it is not rare for bandits to camp in them. I'd advise you stay there, get all the chests, make a few stacks of cookies, and get the hell away from there. Make sure you have enough food and water though :3
    Step three:
    As for zombies, there are not many tactics that have worked for me, therefore I advise you avoid sprinting in or around spawn areas/spawn towns. Snowballs attract zombies when thrown, so you can throw a Snowball to lure zombies away/to a place.
    Step Four:
    Now I know you guys want tips on bandits :stuck_out_tongue: But, being one myself, I really don't wanna give away our secrets... But here you go :)
    -There are many types of bandits. I will list those I know of.
    • Cruel heartless bandits: These bandits do not kill for revenge, food, supplies or even anything useful. They just kill for the fun of it. Maybe they want a red name, or maybe they're just bored. They always boast about their skills, and never admit defeat. :wink:
    • Needy Bandits: Needy bandits.... Well, they aren't really full time bandits, they have good armor, and are usually decent at the game, and at pvp. They only kill when they are in need of food, water, or supplies.
    • Noob bandits: These bandits are nearly always found camping in the southern spawn towns, and kill new-spawns for no apparent reason. They usually have little to no pvp skill, and are not hard to defeat if you get a bit of armor from somewhere first, or even with your spawn armor, it is not very hard to defeat one of these.
    • Sneaky Bandits: These bandits are very dangerous, they might try to team with you, or give you food as a 'sign of peace' but this brings me back to tip one. DON'T TRUST ANYONE. If you see someone with good armor, for example, iron armor. A lot of iron armored players are in fact bandits, so watch who you trust. These bandits will sneak up on you when you least expect it, and before you know it, you will be faced with a death message.
    • Healer Bandits: These bandits may pretend to be healers, or even have a green name! But, I will say it again. Don't trust anyone! Even green named people. They could have green names just from healing their friends. Who could be bandits, or part of a bandit clan with him. If someone says 'I'm a healer' don't go up to them and say you have low health, as you will become a target. If they are a real healer, they would be going around and healing random people.
    • Train bandits: These bandits just run around gathering as many zombies as they can, and then go to a populated place and lets other players gather the attention of the zombies, then sit and kill off the remaining zombies to get the loot. If you see these go into a building and shift to not attract zombies.
    Well that's all I can remember right now :stuck_out_tongue: feel free to add all the ones you can think of! Now, let me get to how to actually survive in MineZ.
    The first step, is you'll want to spawn at one of these towns (note this is my personal opinion on the best routes.)
    -Spawn #7 is Grimdale. It is good for food, and not many zombies.
    -Spawn #17/18 is Portsmouth. Portsmouth is good for food as well, but there is a few more zombies.
    -Spawn #28 is Romero. This seems to be everyone's favorite. It has food, but not unlike Portsmouth, there is quite a few zombies lurking around. My personal favorite out of the three, would be Portsmouth. It is a great town for wheat, which can be used to make cookies or bread as shown below.
    I recommend you use one of the two as your main food source, and try and get quite a bit of it and the town you spawn at. Once you have enough food (4-6 stacks of cookies and a few apples/melons) you can head out. This is all personal preference, but I recommend you go to the Ravine (300, -1300) it is a good place to find chain/iron and enchanted swords/bows. Camp there for awhile, but not too long, as some bandits tend to camp there as well. So be careful. After you have good enough swords/bows and alright armor, head north to Knoxmore Inn (980, -2020) that place is good for iron, as I have found full iron there on a multiple basis. After this you are ready to go to Al Hasa. Follow the MineZMap.com for instructions on how to get there. You can make a quick pit stop at Al Hasa, but if you want full iron, I'd recommend going to either Zerbia (2495, -3480) or the Floating Islands if you are decent at parkour, and can handle pigmen (2000, -3800)
    Now.. You want some pvp tips?
    • Block attack: This is one of the easiest tips :stuck_out_tongue: You attack while blocking, it gives you defense, as well as attacking power.
    • If you know that a enemy is nearby, crouch/sneak until you pinpoint their location, and have decided whether to attack, or to run.
    • DON'T BE AFRAID TO RUN- I've met many players who think that running is bad.. Or it means your not brave or something. But don't be afraid to run from an enemy you can't win against. This brings me to my next point.
    • Don't attack someone unless you are certain you can win. Confidence is key. Don't be cocky, but don't think that you're gonna lose, or you will. So don't attack someone unless you have a good chance to win.
    • NEVER BE higher up than your enemy, it will give him a slight advantage.
    • Try to run around a lot in combat, making it hard for your opponent to hit you. Also, try jumping when you attack, going for a critical hit.
    • If in water, swim underneath the player, and hit the player from there.
    • Always strafe (move side to side) it will help dodge arrows, and the player will find it hard to hit you with a sword :3
    One of the most important factor in pvp, is surprise attacks. They can do wonders for you if timed correctly. Attacking from behind, attacking while the player is afk, attacking when the player is typing. There are all sorts of ways to catch a player by surprise. For example, you could type in chat 'Team?' and wait for them to stop and type, and then starting shooting them or attacking them.

    {。^◕‿◕^。} More tips {。^◕‿◕^。}

    A bit on Pigmen :
    As you get far north, you should know that pigmen have a slight chance to spawn. Unlike in normal minecraft, pigmen attack you on sight, regardless if you hit them first.
    Pigmen are very, very strong, and can kill a full iron in a few hits. When dealing with pigmen, back away, and shoot it. The pigmen will explode into 4-5 zombies, and the slight chance of another pigman which
    If you go to places like Agni Ignis, or the Floating Islands, you should be prepared to deal with many of them.
    A bit on Players:
    As you know, players can choose to kill other players, or to not. Some kill bandits, and some camp in spawn towns.
    YOUR the one playing, so YOU can choose how you want to play.
    Granted if you choose to camp in spawn towns and kill noobs, people will judge you, but it doesn't mean you can't do it. It might ruin your reputation a bit, but it's all your choice. Don't let people tell you how to play. Play however the hell you want :)
    You can be a healer, a bandit, a lone wolf, a clan leader, a solo bandit, a bandit hunter, etc, etc
    There are so many options for you to choose, and you don't have to choose right away. You can experience playing in all different types, and see which suits you the best.
    As for me, I'm more of a solo bandit, and have been trying to stay away from clans for awhile. Granted I'm allied to some clans, but I'm not in the clan.
    This is a very good playstyle, as I'm not the type to follow orders, and this playstyle allows me to do whatever I want, but I still participate in those thrilling clan fights from time to time. Just remember, don't let other people tell you how to play. It's your choice.
    A bit on Achievements :
    Achievements can be earned from doing many things.

    • 5k zombie kills
    • Visiting locations
    • Healing a number of players
    • Surviving for a certain amount of time
    And so much more! Every time you earn a achievement, you gain xp, and for some, even a item!
    It's a good way to gain xp.
    A bit of advice from the angel, pink.
    Alright, some advice from me, is to stay away from bandits at least until you are experienced enough with the game to get pretty far north. Once you are far north, at places like Al Hasa, pretty much everyone you see has to be KOS (kill on sight) or else you will die very quickly. It is quite rare to find healers that far north.
    If you are on public, at Al Hasa, Alone, prepare to get hopped by a clan. Al Hasa is one of the most dangerous places in MineZ player-wise.
    Us clans such as UD, and Clique (Clak) are quite known for outnumbering players at or around Al Hasa, and basically the whole gravel areas.
    Unless you like yoloing clans (like me) I would recommend staying away from Al Hasa on public unless you are with a semi-decent group.
    Unless you are Chuck Norris.