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your_loved_one looking for faction

Discussion in 'Looking For Faction' started by your_loved_one, Sep 3, 2013.

your_loved_one looking for faction
  1. your_loved_one Regular Member

    I recently have become interested in Factions and Pot pvp, specifically HCF. I have skype, teamspeak and mumble. I live in the UK. I know a lot of people who play HCF e.g. Im_Johnwat, pmheys, andykay18, DoctaShock and jtpetino. I am pretty good at pvp and I am willing to do most things. It is my first map so you could call me a newbie but a lot of my online friends play HCF so I hear a lot about it and generally understand most concepts. I am willing to base bitch if needed and do basically the dirty work.

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