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Video You are already logged in.

Discussion in 'MineZ' started by ImANative0, Jan 10, 2019.

Video - You are already logged in.
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  1. ImANative0 Obsidian


    Some sort of exploit used by carrying's group causing multiple people in our group to receive the same message as they get disconnected from the server.

  2. 3it Obsidian

  3. boogaert Emerald

  4. Navarr Network Co-Lead

    Hey all,

    Videos of perhaps this event, and at the very least events similar, have made us aware of an exploit being used to trigger this.

    Resolving it has become our top priority and our developers are already on the job.

    It is surprisingly old. Its kind of amazing it took this long to happen
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  5. Teckit Gold

    Happened to me as well.
  6. TeazHacks Silver

    And what happens to all of the stuff we lost? I know someone lost 4 gapples and tons of splashes. If there is evidence of an inventory lost in a fight do they get revived? or atleast teleported back up to their death location? Getting 4 gapples takes hours at the least to farm.
    boogaert likes this.
  7. Fridge2177 Localization Lead

    Hello, since we have looked into the issue we are willing to help players out who have video evidence of where they were when kicked. We will also be reimbursing items if that video includes a few frames of your inventory and can TP the player back to the last point where they were when disconnected. I would ask that you PM me individually either on the forums or preferably on Discord with the video. Apologies again for this happening, I understand that it can be very frustrating to loose hours of work because of a server side bug.
  8. boogaert Emerald

  9. 9mmBajang Platinum

    I died that fight because 3/4s of my team disconnected does that count?
  10. Chibotle Platinum

    If you knew it was a potential problem why would you take so long to attempt to fix it
  11. Tozzu Gold

    Most likely meant that the exploit could have been used ages ago, but nobody did.
  12. Navarr Network Co-Lead

    As Tozzu said, the exploit has been around for a while.

    We were not aware of it

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