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Suggestion Yet Again Some Hell Tree Balance Suggestions

Discussion in 'MineZ' started by HellionX2, Jun 11, 2019.

Suggestion - Yet Again Some Hell Tree Balance Suggestions
  1. HellionX2 MineZ Mini Admin

    Now that hell tree has been out for a good while now experiencing some buffs and exposure, It's time to talk about how to improve the location to really be a shining spot on the map. The loot as of right now is extremely good. It is the best loot on the map and it is definitely extremely dangerous to obtain. This is really good in terms of balance philosophy; locations this far north should be high risk high reward. However, we should not ignore certain aspects of a locations danger that are completely anti-fun and designed to cheat the player.

    Specifically I'm talking about the nature of something I call "bait chests". At hell tree there are chests placed on top of pillars that come to a 2 -1 block wide point very high in the air over lava. At the bottom of these jagged pillars there are many zombies spawners and usually pigman spawners as well. Baiting players to go out over lava like that only to turn around to a baby pigman which will most likely launch them 40 blocks off the island is simply bad design. This creates a situation where you learn to simply ignore 70% of the location and just camp a safe spot because you know those chests are there only to kill you. Assuming we want the location to be liked by players but also dangerous I offer a solution.

    The solution would be moving those chests down near the base of the pillars rather than out on the very point. These would still be dangerous sitting next to spawners and typically lava, but would leave more outplay potential for the player. I understand that the location should be very difficult but having many chests that are designed to raise death probability exponentially high means that the player interacting with the location is reduced to ignoring 70% of the location. Lastly I don't think locations should be designed in a way that when first visiting it simply going for a chest like that almost means certain death. That sort of experience just deters people from re-visiting a location or forces them to watch a "How to loot" video. I believe players should have the opportunity to figure locations out themselves and not be baited by things designed to cheat or bait the player.

  2. RoseFredricks Platinum

    Honestly I like the chests at the end of the spikes. It feels safer because you have some elevation on any zombinos. Pigmen don't feel as bad now that they don't spawn baby piggies. Also you can just camp the top area because it seems to just spawn villager zombs and a few pigmen.
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  3. HellionX2 MineZ Mini Admin

    That’s the issue for me, just resorting to camping the top.

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