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No Prefix XP reward suggestion.

Discussion in 'MineZ' started by Tardigradesenpai, Nov 13, 2017.

No Prefix - XP reward suggestion.
  1. Tardigradesenpai Regular Member

    Okay, honestly, I don't know if Shotbow admin will ever read that, but here's my idea. So with enough XP(maybe a lot, not to make it too easy, too) you can re-spawn at the lost town you died. Simple, but GODDAMN USEFUL! Cause when I play MineZ, I'm always dying. ALWAYS. It become tiring when the only thing you do on MineZ is exploring and dying. I want to explore, go further to the north, but I'm just lame... Yeah, some of you will maybe say that I just must get out of MineZ and stop whining... but I JUST WANT TO PLAY! Yeah, maybe sounding a lot like I'm a drama-queen. So, I hope someone will read this.
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  2. cyclone_43 Silver

    So, do you mean southern spawn towns? Donators can choose spawn areas to do this. As far as going to the last town you died at that wouldn't really fit minez too well in my opinion.
  3. Meme_MC Platinum

    a solution is to stop dying
  4. Goliac Silver

    Did you just say you should be able to spawn at north?
  5. LegendaryAlex Platinum

    I thought MineZ was supposed to be hard :thinking:
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  6. Andrew_64_MC Retired Staff

    As you keep playing, hopefully you will gain some experience so you don't die so often. The reason we prevent players from spawning exactly back where they die is to prevent players that are killed by another player from easily coming back with full health to kill then. We cannot make things too easy or else there would be no motivation to keep yourself alive in spawn towns. I recommend that you try to play things cautiously, stocking up on food, health potions, and military gear while never sprinting and just casually looting the town.
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  7. Tardigradesenpai Regular Member

    Yeah, but just if you died in a northern town.
  8. Tardigradesenpai Regular Member

    Thanks to have red my post. But, with my suggestion, I’m not saying that you should be able to re-spawn EXACTLY where you died, but maybe not too far from your last deathpoint.
  9. Tardigradesenpai Regular Member

    And also we can’t just get our stuff back, so people try to be alive, even if they re-spawn at their deathpoint.
  10. Goliac Silver

    You totally missed my point! You cannot spawn at northern locations.Some things will never change and this is one of them.
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  11. skunkthecat Platinum

    But we would spawn with a wood sword and full hunger. In a way it would be very easy to just kill yourself if you have no food, whilst in a good town of sort, then respawn there and restart. The wooden sword would also be a problem as if you died to a player, you could easily respawn at that location and consistently attack the person who killed you per say. Lastly you could die at a dungeon and just respawn where you died and keep retrying.

    Also if you were just able to spawn up north, either two things would truly happen:
    - Die in less then 10 minutes because its harder up there
    - bored cause there is no progress to get up to the north

    Honestly respawning in the north is just a pointless and boring idea to say the most.
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