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Discussion Would Xp Events Help GC?

Discussion in 'GhostCraft' started by dmminecraft1, Aug 26, 2018.

Discussion - Would Xp Events Help GC?

Xp Events

Would help 14 vote(s) 58.3%
Wouldn't help 10 vote(s) 41.7%
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  1. dmminecraft1 Platinum

    Wanna see what the community would think. Would having something like double xp events help grow GhostCrafts playerbase? I played GC a day ago and if you hop on at the right time people seem to group together for a pretty populated match.

    Anyway what do you think? would having Xp events help grow GC's currently very small community?
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  2. Tozzu Platinum

    We had double xp on GC a while ago. It did not really get many/any people to play it.
  3. Mohawk2 Regular Member

    Actually, it had 20 people playing it at one point. Most of the time there was at least 7 people playing it. However, I don't think it would help in the long run because people would get bored of it and use their xp elsewhere.
  4. Tozzu Platinum

    Yes when the admins were playing, the so called "hype" wasnt just enough to keep it actually populated. It had players for about 2 weeks maybe?
  5. Koshkasa Obsidian

    Having more XP in GC doesn't really translate to having more consistent GC players, since they're just gonna use their XP elsewhere and be done with it.
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  6. Hingey Platinum

    Id play more but nobody is on.
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  7. Mohawk2 Regular Member

    Same, I always join when there are people in a game but I never want to wait in a lobby for a while for a game to possibly start.
  8. DaddyDrake Emerald

    same for me... so that ends up being very rare. then a lot of the time it's a group that only wants to play by themselves and don't like when i join and kill them all.
  9. Rainbow_Dashi Obsidian

    I think if they re-added the ability for the Ghost to send crafting tables flying to the survivor's knee's, the population would prooobably rise to about 9,001.
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