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Class Suggestion Wizard

Discussion in 'Annihilation' started by khalkists, Aug 30, 2017.

Class Suggestion - Wizard
  1. khalkists Platinum

    I've been trying out Wizard a lot recently. I mean a LOT.
    The class seems to be focused on versatility; but the slow spell selection process, and long cooldowns leave the abilities with few actual chances to use them when they are needed. If they are available, you have to have the spell you need prepared before hand to reliably use it (or bind the entire process to a script).

    You can cycle your spells via left-clicking your spellbook.
    Streamline the process so there are some mid-combat opportunities to adapt.
    This, is really the minimum. Other classes are significantly more useful.

    This is a list of my personal preferences.
    • Spellbook removed
    • Left-click wand to cycle spells
    Missile - Removed
    Freeze -Removed
    Darkness - 25 seconds - Inflicts enemies with Nausea and Blindness for 10s, causes a small impact (like a snowball)
    Flame - 25 seconds - Sets enemies on fire for 2.5 seconds.
    Whirlwind - 25 seconds - Knockback and inflict Slowness 2 to enemies. Significantly shorter range

    Missile- Least useful spell. Raw damage is easier obtained using virtually anything else.
    Freeze- Functionally merged into whirlwind
    Darkness- BOWS! Also, a small impact (similar to a snowball) will halt sprinting, and blindness stops it as well during its effect (no sprinting blind) Also Bows
    Flames- is great for hunting scouts. Otherwise... not so much. Long cooldown, crap damage. More useful to fire it off 2x as often for 1/2 the effect.
    Whirlwind- The range was too much. Long-distance voiding is cancer, and that's what its mostly for (I should know, I do it a lot)
    The slowness will make it useful for escapes.

  2. Hingey Platinum

    I like the idea but keep freeze please it is extremely useful.
  3. Radioactive_Ryan Gold

    Long distance voiding can be very difficult to do. If you don't want to get voided, don't stand next to the void with good shit. If you're on a skybridge, generally making walls or shifting will stop you from getting voided or falling to your death, not to mention there are classes that negate all fall damage. Whirlwind should stay the same imo as it can be very useful vs skybridges and saving yourself from fall damage. Rarly ever am I voided due to whirlwind(short, and long range) and I don't even make a concious effort to avoid it.
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  4. LegendaryAlex Platinum

    The flame spell is really hard to aim at scouts so if the radius of the flame spell would be increased when it hits the ground it would be good. If you dont know what I mean, if you use the ability of pyro, all the people around you catch on fire right? That is the radius I am talking about, so if you try to aim for somebody but it missed, it hits the ground everything close to that point catches on fire. Whirlwind shouldnt get slownesss 2 in my opinion because if it had slownessss II it doent really fit the name "whirlwind". I think the whirlwind of now is fine. The kit is already pretty underpowered (if you compare it with other kits) so I think whirlwind now is great and fun to void people with in maps like Skylands. It is also great to launch yourself. :wink:
  5. This_is_Hugo Emerald

    i like the idea of removing the spell book, and i was thinking instead of left clicking implment a wynncraft style of casting spells where you press left click, right click, left click to cast a spell and you can have different combos.

    however i do not want spells changed / removed especially whirlwind
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  6. Mysterious_Seven Platinum

    I personally would love to see custom effects that show you the cooldowns of all of your spells.

    I don't play wizard much though so that's where my suggestions stop.
  7. MODERNMEGa Regular Member

    Wizard without freeze? NO! :(

    But i liked cooldown ideas +1 i think all cooldowns should be 20. Like the oldest Wizard.
    Also Missile needs buff.

    And please re-add old Darkness sound effect. That was so cool.
    Maybe they can buff all spells too. And i think developers will in next update!
  8. Champion_Guiga Gold

    I like the idea of switching between spells by left-clicking the Wand (kind of like Mega Man abilities) but removing two of the Wizard's spells from the game would only hurt the class. The Wizard has retained viability and should be on the upswing with its ability to act as a lone defender that can inflict mining fatigue while still being mobile. In defense it is on par with Defender in most situations because of the Freeze spell, and in some situations the Whirlwind spell. Removing Freeze would remove the potential for great defense, which would be a huge nerf, and removing Missile would take away the only threat of dying to Wizard through burst damage.

    As far as Flame, I entirely disagree. 2.5 seconds would cut the time in half along with the cooldown. Why should I waste a 25s cooldown on a fire spell that will only tick a few times? Every tick of fire is 1 per second, so it would end at 2 damage instead of 5. So, in conclusion less than half of the damage right?

    This is where I don't fully understand your suggestions: Darkness and Whirlwind. For Darkness, you make no mention of the Wither effect, so I'm gonna assume that was thrown out. Assuming it was, THIS would be the best spell. Nausea would distort aim and be very annoying, then Blindness would hurt the sprinting and crits coming out of the victim of this spell. Very powerful, but probably the only use of Wizard in this new form.

    As for Whirlwind, you specified a shorter distance. What do you mean? Do you mean that you can't shoot it 50 blocks onto a skybridge, or do you mean for the whirlwind to not blow as far? Almost all the spells can reach very far, so I'll assume you just mean for it to be not as powerful. Either way, it would only hurt Wizard and put an unnecessary cap on an ability that was balanced as is. The Slowness wouldn't be a saving grace either, as using it for that purpose wouldn't be more effective than using Darkness. Edit: Read over the post again, you did mean for it to not travel as far. The problem is, other spells do that so why in particular Whirlwind? It may be annoying, but so is many other class abilities like Iceman drowning.

    In conclusion, these changes would not only nerf the class, but it would also water down strategy for using the class. Instead of 5 spells, you would have 3. Instead of having a defense play-style with Freeze, a positioning and voiding play-style with Whirlwind, and a damage play-style with the current 5 second flame spell, you will instead be limited to a single Darkness strategy in which the enemy won't be able to fight properly. Overall, the user experience of both the Wizard and the enemy would be hindered with these changes, and it shouldn't be implemented.
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  9. Litnetti Emerald

    missle and freeze should be kept but be buffed a bit
    having a large variety of spells is what makes wizard unique and if we remove ones that aren't simply used a lot it defeats the purpose of the class
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  10. khalkists Platinum

    Freeze use to cause Fatigue 3, but has been nerfed to 1. While useful to slow nexus damage, that time is usually better spent killing the attacker; and it is more useful to stop an attempt at breaking a nexus than to slow it. Its overall usefulness is diminished, and its primarily a hunting spell. A darkness that actually stops sprinting would easily solve this.

    Missile really isn't a particularly useful spell. Burst damage is calculated with armor. If you've noticed, almost all wizard spells have similar damage potential. 3 of the spells have little application beyond doing damage, and its just up to you to figure out what damage type is best suited to the situation. Missile hits the hardest, but calculated through armor; does the least. Wither and fire are unresistable damage.

    You are entirely right about the flames. I completely disregarded the tick-rate on damage. My intention was to increase the frequency in which a wizard can use flames to disrupt say, a scout; or to scatter enemies (driving them towards water).

    Because I've received a lot of rage over my usage of whirlwind. Primarily use it for voiding and gravity kills. Diminished range would at least force a wizard to be within closer proximity; and force players on skybridges to do something more productive than firing off a class ability 1-2 times a minute. Slowness wouldn't be for the sake of hunting targets; but for creating space between the wizard and their enemy.
    Granted, the inhibited movement in the air from being slowed might actually making gravity kills more of an issue.

    Darkness has a long cooldown atm, and short duration because of the damage it causes. It is literally a ranged version of the hunter's trap. The spell has very little practical use; since firing it off leaves you on a 50s cooldown; its usually more useful to hit them with a whirlwind; so you can have your abilities function sooner.

    My point is; 3 of the spells are just there to change the type of damage you do; but none of the spells are made equal. I'd rather have 3 abilities with multiple applications each than 5 with fewer.
  11. Champion_Guiga Gold

    Remember, you can dual wield the Wand, and permanently keep the spell set to 'Freeze' therefore it takes no time at all to proc Slowness and Mining Fatigue. The effect is still powerful, especially in early game where attackers will sometimes use wood or stone picks. Anything below gold will not be able to break the nexus before death, which makes the ability very powerful. In a solo defense, it can easily compete with Defender in its usefulness.

    The change still won't fix voiding with Wizard, as most of those are done in close range near the void. Also Wizard's long range isn't useful FOR the people on the skybridge, but rather AGAINST the people on the skybridge. You mention people firing off abilities from the skybridge and not committing to the enemy with the launch pad, but in a way its their choice, perhaps they don't want to lose their stuff. For the people not on the skybridge, it is a way to counter it. Other than Wizard, you can only stop a Skybridge completely with a Vampire, and that's only if it is night. Taking away the range provides for less counterplay to a skybridge and forces defending teams to wait until night-fall to try and stop it.

    The Hunter's trap does more damage than this spell and it does have a long cooldown, but making it the most broken PvP ability known to existence doesn't help amend the situation. If the cooldown is the problem, then lower it. If the damage is the problem, increase it. Right now, it competes with Flame and loses in the majority of situations, but when water is involved it serves as a way for the Wizard to still get damage off. I'm not sure what situation you're thinking of, but usually when I want to do damage, I'm looking at Missile, Flame, and Darkness, not Whirlwind. Yes, it has a shorter cooldown, but is it practical to shoot it at someone running away when Flame or Darkness can do damage and slow them down? How about when I am about to fight the enemy, would I shoot a Whirlwind instead of a Flame to disorientate them? Point being, each spell has their uses and to really get to the heart of the issue, you must first apply these mechanics to real combat situations. Wizard needs a buff so that it doesn't just function well defensively, and it probably is getting one. But rather than rework the whole idea of the kit, it is much easier to consider a cooldowns change since that is the problem many people are pointing out.
  12. khalkists Platinum

    I think we utilize the class in very different ways; which is more than enough reason for my suggestions to not go into effect (since it would change the gameplay style of the class significantly).
    I don't really see anyone running wizard on any regular basis and thought a change in the way the class is used might help that.

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