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Class Suggestion Wizard Severely Underperforms in Usage

Discussion in 'Annihilation' started by Alphamoonmann, Feb 22, 2023.

Class Suggestion - Wizard Severely Underperforms in Usage
  1. Alphamoonmann Regular Member

    I found myself in love with the abilities of Wizard, but overall I found using the class to be very clunky. Here's some of the things that radically inconvenience any player that wishes to get to know the class:

    • Slight & random penalized gap between aiming up and down, where you must overcompensate how up or down you actually want to aim. For example, aiming somewhat up at an enemy, you must aim higher than your target. This is the same with trying to aim down. This is not always the case, but it seems to occur much more often when trying to throw spells at players in the water, because of the water.
    • Much too easy for spells to hit obstacles; the spell hitbox is much too huge, and will collide with the world in ways that feel very inorganic and downright unfair, especially when coming from a class that uses the bow.
    • Left clicking cycles through spells without needing to use the book, but if clicking on blocks, the switching will happen rapidly, multiple times in an unpredictable pattern that can cause you to lose track of what spell you have cycled.
    • Effect of spells won't take effect if the enemy is in their invulnerability (in between being able to be hit) state. This is unacceptable when most of the damage of 4 out of 5 spells is the effect itself, and not the hit.
    • No visual indicator of how big the Whirlwind effect's radius actually is.
    • The most frustrating spells are Fire & Missile because they have the smallest radius of working on a player. Players run-jump faster than this thing moves, and can pass through an enemy's collision box if you're too close, and be easily evaded if you're multiple blocks away due to how slowly they travel.
    Additionally, the Missile spell does 7 (prior to armor defense math) damage (out of a player's 20 total health). The aiming and slow speed of the spell makes it a bad utility at decent ranges, and is less damage close-up than two swings of a wooden sword. As such, it is the most underutilized spell for anyone that understands how unimportant the spell is for combat, aside from it being the only spell off-ccoldown. Would I use a spell I need to navigate to versus another spell such as Flame or Freeze, when charging a no-enchant bow for one second (and consecutively so) will travel faster and deal 9-10 damage (prior to armor defense math), especially in the presence of the effective use of bowspam to distance enemies from you?
    Most of these problems need some thoughtful tweaking and testing before they can be considered fixed. The class plays like it hasn't been optimized since its inception.

  2. GrimdaleZ Emerald

    Also fellow team mates can block the wizard abilities if they walk in front of you.
  3. Jarool Mini Admin

    Whirlwind and Freeze are 100% the best spells to use. Flame and Darkness are ok at best. Missile? Missile is a meme.

    I love Wizard too! I'm glad to see another Wizard enthusiast. It's great for mobility, great for debuffing enemies. I will definitely agree with your points.

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