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Discussion (WIP) New Anni Map - Community choice!

Discussion in 'Annihilation' started by ralphypuppy, Oct 5, 2020.

Discussion - (WIP) New Anni Map - Community choice!

Which map from Alpha would you rather see modernized as a map in Annihilation?

CQHQ (Coe’s Quest) 3 vote(s) 60.0%
Yogcave (Yogscast) 2 vote(s) 40.0%
  1. ralphypuppy Regular Member

    So I’ve been thinking about Minecraft, and how it’s been such a long time since the days of Beta and Alpha, and so I thought, “what if there was a map from a super popular part of Minecraft back in those days, but we updated it to the modern era?” As in, what if we added a new map to Annihilation from the Alpha/Beta era of Minecraft?

    And so after some deciding, I present two ideas. I’ve decided upon two famous maps from two famous Minecraft youtubers from the old days of Minecraft: The original CQHQ from Coe’s Quest, and the Yogcave from Yogscast’s Minecraft let’s play. Both of them are going to have similar design characteristics, but the layouts of the maps are going to be different, hence why I need the community’s help to help me decide which one.

    CQHQ is going to be the complete version as seen in the Coe’s Quest world map download. Here’s a video of it if you guys don’t know what I mean:

    Anyways, if you may not know, I’ve posted about wanting to make a Coe’s Quest map before, but when I started work, I realized some things: 1. I converted it to the wrong version of Minecraft (1.14 and not 1.9 or 1.12.2) and 2. CQHQ is a little too vertical. I may be able to alleviate the verticality but I’m just not sure if the playerbase wants a vertical-oriented map like that.

    The pros of CQHQ are strong though: Coe’s Quest is a series that, if you played Minecraft in Alpha or Beta, you almost surely know about. Coestar’s videos were pivotal to the Minecraft let’s play genre and his videos on how to survive your first night were even displayed on the official Minecraft website. CQHQ as a map is going to be completely run-down and destroyed, full of creeper craters, and the cobblestone bridge is going to be partially blown up and full of moss.

    Now for the second choice: the Yogcave. It’ll be based more off of its original form, but will also be run-down, however the damage will be more significant due to all the craziness that happened post-Survival Island (getting blown up by an airship). As it’s more of a cave, the map will be less vertical than CQHQ, so it might work better.

    The pros of choosing the Yogcave are because Yogscast was an extremely popular and influential series (remember when Honeydew crashed the intro to Minecon?) and because the Yogcave might work better gameplay-wise. However I’m concerned that because the Yogcave was seen later past Alpha, its appearance in modern Minecraft might be less impressive than CQHQ.

    EDIT: I can’t seem to find an official download of the Yogscast map with the YogCave, so I’m not sure that it’s even possible. Please vote for CQHQ.

    These are going to be difficult to decide upon, so I’m asking your guys’s help - Which map would you rather want?

    EDIT: CQHQ has definitively been chosen as the map.
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  2. ralphypuppy Regular Member

    (Edit) I’ve just gotten the Coe’s Quest world download and am currently editing it in 1.12. So far it looks really cool.

    In the meantime, here’s a bit of nostalgia for y’all.
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  3. ralphypuppy Regular Member

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  4. JeTi_Brothers Platinum

    Both videos don't really showcase their world too well so it's pretty hard to choose. I would just go with which one you like the most.
  5. ralphypuppy Regular Member

    Ok. Yeah, I’m leaning towards the Coe’s Quest one - I’ve already done a lot of work for it.

    These videos were more just to kind of showcase them in a basic sense so people know what I’m referring to. In their original series, the bases are shown off more in better detail of course.
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  6. ralphypuppy Regular Member

    New update! Here we get our first look at how team colors will be displayed on CQHQ, the inside of the base, and Mid!

    So my plan right now is that, since the underground of CQHQ’s base goes farther underground than the rest of the map, that that area will be surrounded by bedrock while the rest of the map’s underground will be “shallower”. This will look like a tower of bedrock jutting out from under the map. This will not affect gameplay in any way, however, as of course only the protected area underground will be bedrock. The rest of the game’s map will function exactly like every other Annihilation map.

    And yes, there will be some cave tunnels that allow access to the more underground parts of the CQHQ base.
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  7. ralphypuppy Regular Member

    Here’s another update showing the Nexus’ location and the completed Mid. https://imgur.com/a/7Iaixvo

    Again, please everyone, there’s no use voting for the YogCave map. I’m already working on the Coe’s Quest map. I chose CQHQ for a variety of factors, but the end-all be-all is that the Yogcave didn’t have any sort of official world download.
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  8. ralphypuppy Regular Member

    New post. I’m trying to figure out the protected area borders. https://imgur.com/a/imS9Kgj

    As you can see, part of the map left of the base is unprotected. I’m debating on whether or not to change this so it’s that also protected, like with every other Annihilation map. If anyone has any opinions on it, please let me know. On one hand it could be cool that players can build both right and left of the protected base area, but on the other hand it could disrupt gameplay. Should I expand the protected area to cover that area of land?

    Also, what is the use of the beacon at mid?

    (EDIT: Alright, the first version of the map has been released to the public! Go find it in the Mapmaking topic on the forum here.)
  9. Sevy13 Annihilation Lead & BAC Co-Lead

    My god what a blast from the past. A like for the nostalgia :)
    The first Minecraft YouTuber I watched was Paul Soares Jr, followed by the gang from Mindcrack. How about a map based on one of PSJ's, Guude Bouderfist's, BdouobleO's or Etho's builds? Those are classics.

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