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No Prefix wich class should i buy?

Discussion in 'Annihilation' started by EzraMendez, Oct 11, 2019.

No Prefix - wich class should i buy?
  1. EzraMendez Regular Member

    im a little bit new on the server with this new account, i have acrobat yet, should i buy scout, enchanter or wizard?
    and why?
    lov yall thank u xoxoxo

  2. AttackFromTaiwan Platinum


    You can get Scout for free at Rank Master-I

    and Wizard is useless
  3. soto Platinum

    ExCusE Me, DiD yOu JusT Say WiZArD iS UselEss? !?!?! ThEn U MuSt NoT HaVe WaTChEd My ViDeO oN HoW EffEctIve It Is. .

    Anyway, you can make two choices here EzraMendez:
    scout: your overall mobility class for moving around the map efficiently, not really worrying about your own collected loot so much
    enchanter: helps you with overal phase 1/ phase 2 prep-work if you like the grind.

    Depends on your playstyle to be honest.
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