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Question Why is the hit detection still bad?

Discussion in 'GG' started by ohxd, Nov 29, 2017.

Question - Why is the hit detection still bad?
  1. ohxd Silver

    I believe the admins have said they've "fixed" the hit detection a few times already so why is the hit detection so bad that you can't even keep someone in front of you when you're walking straight and hitting? That's a basic test of knockback in minecraft, and shotbow fails it after only 2-3 hits. So whats up? Will shotbow try to fix it or will it just stay as is?
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  2. _Swipe Platinum

    I take it they're waiting until it 'settles down'...
  3. SplashQuota Gold

  4. JesseTheSkrub Regular Member

    1.9 unfortunately changes the way pvp and hit detection work entirely. While we have made attempts to change and make it feel better, it's still quite a difficult task to do, as it's mostly client-side pvp mechanics and some server-side as well.
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