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No Prefix Who are the LEGENDs of Shotbow?

Discussion in 'The Network' started by LKnightO, Sep 28, 2019.

No Prefix - Who are the LEGENDs of Shotbow? | Page 2
  1. DutchSurvivor Obsidian

    Legends of Shotbow, hmm. Think they go per game-mode, don't you agree? Also, personally, I would define legends: People you look up to. Those whom respect those around them...

    - 20thCenturyboy, you're all. You might derp at the game :wink:, but you mastered life :heart:.
    - Murgatron, you're a wookie. If I hadn't been such a pain in the *** of yours, we could've been different.
    - Cel 'n Lizze, would always make you smile
    - Ronyrulesall, great lad
    - Zneak 'n Claymore, no need to explain those
    - Alec 'n Techno, babes
    - Duck, David, Fat, Hilly, Kello, Fluffoon, Sirrias, Jackd44, Reconal, Soto, Tiny_Devil, Vovri, Valadro, Otaku_Natsu. Too much n too many to name, you know who you're! :heart:

    People of EU; Phoenix, Atlas, TBC, CFF and Oblivion. US with The Otherbears, Axis and Chaos.

    Glory! Wholemilk, Doc 'n Nick! Avenger!!! AlexShepard (spelled correct?)! TTcreuse :heart: Zuleth, Rudy, NN. Been too long to name all the loved ones ;-;
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  2. Reconal Retired Staff

    Heh, I wouldn't call me a Legend, though I do miss my time here.

    There's quite a lot of people that are "Legends" I'd say, it just goes by game-mode and those who spent their time here.
  3. DumbdogFaShizzle Regular Member

  4. Layhoun Platinum

    Stanno01/lacoste (awesome guy)
    Sehhtarik/ragistak(proffesional booter , jk)
    GamenMeterium/Emrium_ (funny guy)
    Jeroen_jb (nice guy)
    nordin_p ( funny guy)
    Jelley ( Funny af )
    The entire oblv squad actually

    basiscaly There were alot of good people
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  5. incred_ Platinum

    Jebus, will you one day stop playing this game
  6. Davidss10001 Retired Staff

    you don't know pure hilarity until rony joins your ts room
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  7. Barobax Regular Member

    The real legends and MVPs of Shotbow are the Japanese players. Every Friday/Saturday night they come on and pack the annihilation servers. It's the only time we get a triple digit player count. They are team players and chop bridges, collect resources, share gear with no ego. When I play in the afternoon and its all western players, I'm the one who has to build the wall, defend, make transporters because everyone just wants to PVP and forget the objective but Japanese players aren't like that at all. They know the importance of teamwork to win.
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  8. DutchSurvivor Obsidian

    No worries about that, I've been there 'n back
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  9. MuffinMinister Platinum

    I think we should mention what got a lot of people into the game, all the youtubers making videos on the server, in particular paulsoaresjr is how i found out MineZ existed.

    Antvenom, Cavemanfilms, Thecampingrusher, Seananners, Uberhaxornova are some of the biggest ones that did content on the server.

    Shotbow kinda went down along with most of the rest of Minecraft, after about 2015-2016, MinePlex currently has anywhere from 3-6k players on at a given time while this numer was almost 5 times as large in 2015.

    I was hoping shotbow would just bribe some relevant youtubers with a decent fanbase (like 100k subs around there) to make some videos on the network and attempt a dungeon with some of the more experienced players, but alas it didnt happen so here we with peak playercount being around like what, 300?
  10. Davidss10001 Retired Staff

    i meant that for the people who hadn't had the pleasure of experiencing that :stuck_out_tongue:
  11. Davidss10001 Retired Staff

    It's absolutely insane how much these youtubers want to do a video. I can't even fault Matt for not hiring a Youtuber with that fanbase. For them to do even a miniseries would be so insanely expensive. I think you're right, Shotbow went down with the rest of Minecraft, and you bring a good example of Mineplex into the mix. However, since we were never has big as Mineplex we've just gone down quicker than they have. It truly is a shame.
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  12. Clip Regular Member

    Shotbow went down with Minercraft, but then when Minecraft rose up to be the #1 viewed game on Youtube Shotbow just stayed where it was.
  13. MuffinMinister Platinum

    This has changed recently, back in the day ad revenue was insane even for (relatively) small child-friendly channels (Such as minecraft youtubers). However with all that has happened since even content that is advertiser-friendly has dropped severely in ad revenue, so smaller youtubers will take a lower fee in order to make due. As well as the fact that youtube as a whole has grown, 1 million subs back in the day was a pretty big number, today you are one of many.
  14. Jackd44 Platinum


    i feel like the people i personally class as legends are more just the old cool kids i remember, and before i even start to list people off i already know for every person i name there are about 10 more im forgetting

    but murg, hughzaz, bracko, chriswow, dutch, 20th (and all of our time talking and laughing about mr.bean :heart:), some of the early team phoenix dudes, mr darn, chaospillager (no i didnt forget to add you i swear, message me on discord sometime you madlad, you)

    and of course no list would be complete without saxaphonewalrus, one of the most genuinely friendly guys ive ever had the pleasure of speaking to

    again this list is way shorter than it should be, but its been a few years :stuck_out_tongue:
  15. darien1215 Platinum

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  16. JUSTGioDM Emerald


    Ow damn, just read this and recognized so many names, dem old good times here on sb.
    There might be more people that needs to be added in this list for sure.
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  17. No3is Platinum

    Gio you should really play more Annihilation, just saying.
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  18. Trashcan_Jew Platinum

    all of my team phoenix goons, dont talk to them anymore but i still love em
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  19. 20thCenturyBoy Retired Staff

    Seaniejo! :heart:

    We gotta do that after all this time once again. :)
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  20. Fluffoon Retired Staff

    much love for you and the guys mentioned above

    Alright, going to bandwagon this namedrop thing. I don't know if others would classify the guys I'll mention below as legends, but those are the guys I have most respect for, be it from playing in-game, communicating on the forums, TeamSpeak, Discord or on any Shotbow related platform
    Navarr, 20thCenturyBoy, Mr_Darn, AlecJames, Murgatron and SaxaphoneWalrus, Changyeo (Aerux), BobbleHeadMan2 (Miscii), TiNy_DeViL, Koshkasa, roel_LP, iAvira(Aviira, or whatever name she goes by now), Brett_Haythorpe (I don't think I've played with him, but his videos played a huge factor in getting me into Annihilation), Sevy13 and Carrots386, CoastinJosh, MarzipanManda, Catsgood123, Darth_Bachious, DutchSurvivor, DutchBartje, eismitsahne, FireGuyNL, henzze, ChrisWow, Waby(idk what name he goes by now), Hughzaz, Incredible_PvP, Vovri, Valadro, Reconal, PetWoh, Jackd44, Chaospillager (Jarool), Jeroenhero, JesseTheDemon, JeTi_Brothers, Jonathan03011998, Snowy (JustSnowy), Leo(Kronoz), LegendaryAlex, lindseh, Maashg (not part of the older gen of player, but a really active community member, got much respect for his efforts to organize events), Maggie, McJeffr(not Anni related, I know most of you would know him from Vadact/Qubion /tell me I got this one spelled right :lmao:/, but seriously one of the chillest and most reasonable dudes I spoke to), MineZGirl, MTrout, OwOb, Polaroid, Rebel_Born(Rebel_Vanguard), sandstoner, soto, Lizze, SuburbanSB, Superbob1000, Techno141, TeeMew, TheKitty, ThordFox, Titanium_Ranger, Uranium_Ranger, Jelle04, Ultimate_rainbow, Unicycle43, Swipe_, vampire_toothy, warycrafter, zyong!!, _RunningKing_, GalacticaGX, LilyLock
    okay, it is getting ridiculously long, thus I'll stop. i've probably missed as many names as mentioned above, 6 years is a lot of time during I played with tons of people so..
    shoutout to every current/former staff member I've worked with and is not mentioned above
    shoutout to my Phoenix/Oblivion/Chaos clanmates I forgot to mention above, much respect for the guys from CFF/TDO/TvT/Atlas/Hulk/Envy I played with/against
    aaand much love for the people I used to spend time on shoutbox just chilling (rip shoutbox, at some point I'd rather go there and chit-chat with whoever was regularly active there)
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