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No Prefix Who are the LEGENDs of Shotbow?

Discussion in 'The Network' started by LKnightO, Sep 28, 2019.

No Prefix - Who are the LEGENDs of Shotbow? | Page 2
  1. connor564 Platinum

    Claummy was a big one for Anni, same with Dutch and 20thCB. MineZ? Saw a lot of those in Smartz_'s thread.

  2. OneZedArmy Silver

  3. YKKEOX Regular Member

  4. Rainbow_Dashi Obsidian

    Kstaal is a legend I will never forget, none of you will know them in the slightest but they're so legendary that they actually predate the ranking of a 'Shotbow' legend! I guess you'd class them a proper old-school MineZ.net legend instead?

    Not that they played MineZ at all, at least to my knowledge, nooo - this warrior would sit in the dark depths of the old server known only as the "LOUNGE" dropdown corner pit waaay back in 2012 for hours on end in the water/sponge room... and let me tell you, unless you were there and saw the stuff people used to say to one another, there's no way for you to know how much mental strength that takes!

    The very first video I uploaded to YouTube (of reporting a waterwalker in the pool room of the lounge, of course) included them as a cameo, but I can't seem to find it anymore... funnily enough, my first official thread report on Shotbow I can find here now had Majicou reply telling me the person I reported used over 300 accounts to exploit in MineZ (shoutout to that lovely signature of his which he never ever changed, which I may have drawn!) - that one person would be more than the daily playercount here nowadays!

    Also, since I've now totally derailed the point of this thread in my reply with stuff totally unrelated to it's original purpose, will I be punished accordingly like you would be in the past? I'll tune in to find out!
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  5. LegendaryAlex Film Crew

  6. Gloryblade Emerald

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  7. DutchSurvivor Obsidian

    Legends of Shotbow, hmm. Think they go per game-mode, don't you agree? Also, personally, I would define legends: People you look up to. Those whom respect those around them...

    - 20thCenturyboy, you're all. You might derp at the game :wink:, but you mastered life :heart:.
    - Murgatron, you're a wookie. If I hadn't been such a pain in the *** of yours, we could've been different.
    - Cel 'n Lizze, would always make you smile
    - Ronyrulesall, great lad
    - Zneak 'n Claymore, no need to explain those
    - Alec 'n Techno, babes
    - Duck, David, Fat, Hilly, Kello, Fluffoon, Sirrias, Jackd44, Reconal, Soto, Tiny_Devil, Vovri, Valadro, Otaku_Natsu. Too much n too many to name, you know who you're! :heart:

    People of EU; Phoenix, Atlas, TBC, CFF and Oblivion. US with The Otherbears, Axis and Chaos.

    Glory! Wholemilk, Doc 'n Nick! Avenger!!! AlexShepard (spelled correct?)! TTcreuse :heart: Zuleth, Rudy, NN. Been too long to name all the loved ones ;-;
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  8. Reconal Retired Staff

    Heh, I wouldn't call me a Legend, though I do miss my time here.

    There's quite a lot of people that are "Legends" I'd say, it just goes by game-mode and those who spent their time here.
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  9. DumbdogFaShizzle Regular Member

  10. Layhoun Gold

    Stanno01/lacoste (awesome guy)
    Sehhtarik/ragistak(proffesional booter , jk)
    GamenMeterium/Emrium_ (funny guy)
    Jeroen_jb (nice guy)
    nordin_p ( funny guy)
    Jelley ( Funny af )
    The entire oblv squad actually

    basiscaly There were alot of good people
  11. Incredible_PvP Platinum

    Jebus, will you one day stop playing this game
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  12. Davidss10001 Retired Staff

    you don't know pure hilarity until rony joins your ts room

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