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Question Where is wasted?

Discussion in 'Wasted' started by MrRitmo, Jun 16, 2018.

Question - Where is wasted?
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  1. MrRitmo Regular Member

    Hi. I used to play wasted when it was popular and up quite a lot. I think I started playing a lot less bit before wasted was gone so it didn't bother me that much before. I'v been checking your server about once a year to play some good old wasted once again but it just wasn't there. Now I decided to come to the forums to see what's up with wasted and it seems its has been announced to come during the next year like 3? times :D but yet it ins't up. I understand you guys are apparently trying to make new better wasted and stuff but I just wanted to ask if you can give me a realistic time window in which wasted is most likely up. Say 5 years if it takes so long so i don't have to bee checking all the time. :) Also why couldn't you leave the old wasted up and develop the new behind the scenes and let people enjoy the game during the development? Thank you for trying to make the wasted better game. ps. sorry about my english, it isn't my native language.

  2. Robertthegoat Developer

    I gave more detailed explanations in several other threads, but I'll give you a quick summary. Wasted's code base broke essentially irreparably with Minecraft 1.9. While we have a team together to work on it, other projects have taken precedence in our queue ahead of it. Plans still stand to release it again, but its a ways down the road yet.
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  3. Jackd44 Platinum

    not that i play anymore, but that sounds pretty neat, robert

    i remember back in the old days wasted was always fun to goof around on, sounds nice that a lot of people who werent around to play it before it was gone will be able to play again
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  4. PaySafeKaart Platinum

    It is gone, but it will most likely come back this year becaues the developers are now working on the Gold Rush release.
  5. Surfdog1 Regular Member


    This just irritates me how do they think its okay to put out new gamemodes WHEN WASTED HAS BEEN DOWN FOR 3 YEARS.... WASTED WAS ONE OF THE MAIN GAMEMODES ONE OF THE ONLY GAMEMODES PEOPLE ACTUALLY PLAY
  6. PaySafeKaart Platinum

    I know that it was but it had to many errors and the developers from WASTED thaught it was better to rebuild the code then fix the erros.
  7. Robertthegoat Developer

    To clarify, there really was no "fixing" the code in essence, as it was broken at the lowest level and would've require extensive rewriting just to restore functionality.

    This goes back to the issue of two camps on Shotbow: those who wish for restoration of old games and those who wish for new content. We're trying to get a blend of both. Gold Rush will be the first new game to launch in years, while Ghost Craft made its return quite recently.

    Because I committed to supporting Gold Rush, I was able to stipulate Control's position as next in the queue. I am happy to say that as my role in Gold Rush and MineZ Origins development winds down, I am finally returning to work on Control, which should continue as my sole focus until its eventual (no ETA yet) launch. Thank you to everyone for their patience and support. I'll be digging back into the monumental stores of community input that we gathered over previous years.

    If you would like to suggest weapons for new arsenal, reply to this thread here: https://shotbow.net/forum/threads/your-perfect-control-arsenal-would-include.387739/

    We will be holding meetings soon to establish our preliminary arsenal, so hurry if you want your voice heard - we will be reading directly off of that page as one of our sources in the meeting.
  8. dinodude15 Regular Member

    I liked gun game. It was quite fun. You didn't need to worry about ammo, you just ran around trying to get the control points on the maps before everyone else. It's a shame that 1.9 broke Wasted though. You'd figure that the MC devs would be able to implement new things without totally breaking other things that people found great. I miss mob grinders, they aren't as effective as the used to be.
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  9. LostSellsKush Regular Member

    damn, wouild ETA be a few years then? Havent played it in like 4 years
  10. zorbon56 Silver

    Lets be honest here.
    I'm tired of coming back here every 2 months and seeing the same shit over and over again by the same "Developer". Wasted isn't coming back, its been 3 years and they have even touched it saying that there is more projects that have taken priority over Wasted. Wasted was also one of the most popular game mode about 4-5 years ago on Shotbow so why the hell arent they fucking working on it? It's cause the Devs have no clue what the fuck they are doing.

    Wasted isn't coming back, dont waste your time here guys.
    Goliac likes this.
  11. Tdiaz5 Silver

    And? You do realize that Robert isn't getting paid for this, right? He has free time, that he could be spending on playing games, or hanging out with his friends, or studying. But instead of that he is spending it on this network, even for ungratuitous people like you. As far as I'm concerned, you are in absolutely no position to insult him for any reason, cause he is doing more than any of us.
    Just said it yourself. About 4-5 years ago, which is about a milennium in game years.
    The people behind this decision gave it hours of thought, and probably discussed it thoroughly. You're making yourself look stupid here, really.
    Although I don't have high hopes myself, the last thing we need here is your negativity. So please do take your precious time elsewhere.
    Tozzu78 likes this.
  12. Robertthegoat Developer

    I understand if people are frustrated. I'm no more happy with the situation than anyone else, but I'm doing the best I can with what I've got to work with. I will not be posting updates until I need specific input from the community or have something to demo.
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