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Question Where is MineZ 2?

Discussion in 'The Network' started by iWinninq, Jul 13, 2018.

Question - Where is MineZ 2?
  1. iWinninq Regular Member

    So I used to play MineZ 2 a lot back in 2015/16, but since then I kind of forgot about this server and haven't played here in almost 2 years. Now that I have come back, I noticed that MineZ 2 is gone. Was it removed?

  2. akitaboy2 Regular Member

    yes cus dead game
  3. iWinninq Regular Member

  4. gpandaman Platinum

    Something like that...

    The main dev got busy with child raising (Well, he left the network and isn't coding on any other server). There were too many bugs and was deemed too difficult to move to 1.9 - mainly since no one else really knew how to recode 2.

    Hopefully it comes back eventually... I spent too much XP for spawn kits lol
  5. tallkids Obsidian

    its in the garage, being repaired for most of its bugs, it will come back, like When In Rogue, Dungeon Crawling gamemode, not really GunZ though, guns were too op against zombies
  6. Sir_Isaac_Nooton Silver

  7. Robertthegoat Developer

    You never tried the dungeon :stuck_out_tongue:

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