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Event When in Rogue Weekend Preview #6

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by lazertester, Jun 19, 2020.

Event - When in Rogue Weekend Preview #6
  1. lazertester Lead Developer


    When in Rogue will be open to play for premium players this weekend starting at 8pm CST tonight, to Sunday 8pm CST.

    There are a few things to play with this preview, specifically Artifact Upgrades, and breaking artifacts you no longer need into Artifact Essence. There are a few things being worked on that I don't have rolled into this weekend, but if I can get them all polished up I might roll them to play with before the weekend ends.

    Artifact Upgrade

    Artifact upgrades allow you to trade 5 of a lower-tier artifact for a guaranteed drop of a higher tiered artifact. To do this just visit the artifact upgrader in town, and select the artifacts you want to combine! Artifacts do not need to be powered up to combine.

    Artifact Essence

    Artifact essence is being introduced. This will become a requirement for higher level artifacts, and likely have other uses... you will be able to break down powered up artifacts for essence, as well as obtain essence from bosses and other sources int he dungeon.

    Artifact Breakdown

    To break down an artifact into artifact essence it first needs to be powered up (its quest(s) completed). Then while hovering over it in your artifact storage, press Q. A short animation will play and your new artifact essence will be available. Note that essence does not have any use yet, so you're likely better off upgrading artifacts in the meantime.

    - Added bandages to the loot table
    - Added Desert generation support for the builders working on that (Jamal and McJeffr)
    - Welcomed Deadspeck to the build team, here's to lots of interesting challenge rooms to come!

    - Fixed a nasty bug that would potentially wipe your character when swapping classes (Thanks JonnyDvE for the detective work, RIP your gear)
    - Addressed some stuck dungeon issues.
    - Fixed an issue where health could revert to the prior max of 8.
    - Fixed an issue with disappearing gear and ability upgrades.

    Also: Should I unlock Alchemist for this weekend?

  2. shrauger Regular Member

    JT said that he really wants Alchemist this weekend.
  3. Deadspeck Mini Builder

    haha challenge rooms go brrrrr
    lazertester, JACOBSMILE and notswipe like this.
  4. lazertester Lead Developer

    Sorry, with father's day I didn't quite get alchemist prepped. I will have it ready to go next weekend.
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