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When in Rogue to be available again soon?

Discussion in 'When in Rogue' started by OG_Banter_Lord, Sep 27, 2017.

When in Rogue to be available again soon?
  1. OG_Banter_Lord Platinum

    So, the new partnership with DDG, that comes with more resources and developers/staff, will it now enable the game we all know and love, When in Rogue, to be out of the garage and ready to play sooner?

    Or will When in Rogue continue to gather dust..

  2. akitaboy2 Regular Member

    ever since lazer retired i think it's not gonna happen anytime soon realizing it's been more than a year or 2 since the last alpha test of the game
  3. skunkthecat Platinum

    Lazer retired? How have I not heard about this?
  4. MuffinMinister Platinum

    Its not like Highlife does anything noteworthy tot the public eye either, simply didnt have the time.

    WiR will not return for a very long time, i would not count on it returning anywhere within the next 5 years if ever
    skunkthecat likes this.
  5. Kryptuss Obsidian

    Well all the good ol gamemodes, LMS, Ghostcraft, Wasted, etc have not come back. Doubt WIR will ever come back either
    PyroIsOp and sharkcraz26 like this.
  6. Jetix Platinum

    I really enjoyed WiR, it is a shame that they have not revived it. I do not think that it will ever get revived because even a game like Gold Rush, which was supposed to be released by now, has not been released.
    matisseio likes this.
  7. Lochanside Regular Member

    For the short time I was able to play it, WiR was my favourite game. It sucks that they had other priorities higher than WiR. I don't see it being released any time in the future.
    matisseio likes this.
  8. JonasCK Regular Member

    please add when in rogue back to shotbow!!! it was my favorite part of shotbow, and when it was removed, i was waiting, hoping it would come back. years later, its still not back, and i really miss the gamemode-there is nothing else like it anywhere! please bring it back soon! I hope it can reach top priority for the server because i think it would bring many players back to the server
    matisseio likes this.
  9. Bergmanman Platinum

    If its true that lazer is no longer part of Shotbow, then this will never receive any attention.
    Lazer was the sole developer working on WiR and the only one who cared for it. With him gone, I'm actually surprised they even still have a forums section for it.
    Well, goodbye When in Rogue, you were actually a great game.
    323465963, Murdey, up44 and 1 other person like this.
  10. agatefruicake5 Regular Member

    I am planning on making my own spin off of WiR, just thoughts no action yet but if anyone wants to help with the project/support a fan-made one please tell me.
    Ultimativemaster likes this.

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