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When in Rogue: Status Update

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by McJeffr, Aug 14, 2021.

When in Rogue: Status Update
  1. McJeffr When in Rogue Lead, Developer


    When in Rogue: Status Update

    Hello everyone!

    Today we want to share an update on the current status of When in Rogue. Some of you might have recently seen some more activity on our Discord, inside the #when-in-rogue channel. In this update, we will combine this discussion and explain what is planned for When in Rogue in the near future.

    New Leadership
    At the end of July, we started assembling a dedicated team for When in Rogue. Up until that point, When in Rogue did not have a lead yet. With the creation of a new team, we also needed to assign someone to take on the task of collecting game ideas, bugs and feedback and bringing them into one place. In line with this, I was happy to take on this role.

    Since I might be a new face for some people here, I want to quickly introduce myself. I started within Shotbow as a moderator for the Vadact Creative server. From here on, I joined the Vadact team as an administrator. When Vadact transitioned to Qubion, I lead the Qubion team until it was disbanded in 2017. I then assumed some more background roles within Shotbow before starting to work on When in Rogue.

    Joining me is jamal135, who was a former Qubion Build Team member. Jamal135 will be bringing a lot of building experience as the new build lead for When in Rogue. He will be leading the rework of the current dungeons and the creation of new dungeons.

    First update
    The first major update we plan to release will focus on dungeon generation and new tools for builders to use. The goal is to improve the quality of the generated dungeons, making them become cohesive.

    This update will address the following parts of When in Rogue:
    • A complete rework of the stronghold dungeon
    • Improving dungeon generation
    • Two new types of rooms
    • Improving the build tools, allowing builders to more easily add new builds to the dungeons
    • Addressing some of the more game-breaking bugs
    • Updating the base version from 1.12 to 1.16 (thanks to the hard work from Pyachi2002 and lazertester)
    • A surprise!
    Known bugs
    We are getting lots of bug reports from players. We are recording all these bugs into our internal bug tracker so they can be addressed. If you encounter a bug, you can report it on our Discord server, in the #when-in-rogue channel. If it involves an exploit, you can report it using the !support bug [IGN] command on our Discord server.

    That being said, we are currently aware of the following major bugs:
    • Observer blocks are sometimes missing when acquiring a key to progress further into the dungeon
    • Sometimes rooms contain broken pieces, allowing players to escape dungeons
    • On rare occasions, players get stuck in the PvP room after completing a level
    • Players sometimes spawn on top of room pieces, or on top of the room, when entering a level
    • There are several issues relating to reviving other players
    • Puzzle rooms do not contain loot after completion
    We will soon be rolling a small update that allows players to get past locked doors where the observer is missing. Once released, you can use the command /opensesame to manually open the door. You must have the key in your inventory when using this command.

    Joining the discussion
    We are actively monitoring the #when-in-rogue channel on Discord. If you have any feedback or suggestions about new features, you can post them there. Next to this, we are also looking at expanding our team. We are currently primarily searching for builders. If you are interested in building for When in Rogue, please get in touch with us! We are always looking for players who are passionate about Shotbow.

    We look forward to sharing more updates in the future.

    Thanks for flying Shotbow!
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