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Event When in Rogue Alpha Weekend #4

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by lazertester, May 28, 2020.

Event - When in Rogue Alpha Weekend #4
  1. lazertester Lead Developer


    This weekend preview will start Saturday @ 9am CST and will be Public until Saturday night at 9pm after that we will resume with a premium only period until Sunday night @ 9pm at which point we will shut down until the next weekend. Why so short? Well to be honest it's because we need some time to work on stuff but we still need your feedback!!!

    Last week we challenged you to defeat the jungle on hard mode. Out of the 2,968 dungeons run, only one team was able to vanquish the spiders, calm the Flame Elemental, and escape Yateveo! Congratulations to JTGangsterLP6, JonnyDvE, MissHilevi, and DJ_Pedro for braving the bugs (and the bugs...) and coming out victorious!!!

    Gosh, it feels like yesterday we were running alpha weekend #3... However here we are with another week's worth of toil. This one has mostly mechanical changes as we are working diligently on some serious content (read: Jungle Boss), for which our wonderful Hvba has built an incredible world to encounter it in.

    The biggest change this week comes in the form of a cheat code: INFINITE LIVES!!! On standard difficulty, when a dungeon has 2 or more players so long as one of you is standing, the whole crew can be revived with no cost to the team. I think the least fun part of running a dungeon is having to sit out and watch after lives are out, and want to remove the whole "Should I give this person one of MY lives?" question to make teaming up with strangers easier. Reviving no longer heals you to full health. Lives still apply when running in hard mode, as well as on solo runs.

    Some feedback indicated that life percentages were hard to make out, so we brought in floating health bars above your teammates heads! Now you can tell at a glance who is aching for that last lingering potion (or who you are hurting the most by hogging it).

    With the massive change to revives, we've finally put out the torches. The equipment slot that was formerly used for your friendly neighborhood lighting device is now home to a stack of bandages. Right click to heal yourself after a revive, or left click to heal a teammate if you're feeling generous. Expect more to come with bandages, including a likely ability tree expansion. Those who miss torches lighting the way are still free to pick them off of builds in the dungeon (looking at you, Shrauger).

    Speaking of Shrauger, last week I neglected to acknowledge Shrauger's work in producing the gigantic plinko board! I hear you have been having a blast with it and want to make sure you know who to thank for the gigantic moose that decides your fate.

    Without further adieu here are the full patch notes for last weekend and this week, I hope you're looking forward to joining us in the deep dungeons of the stronghold and jungle once again!

    Patch notes:
    - Fixed issue getting stuck between floors.
    - Ensured boss bars properly clear
    - Made Skeleton king's bones not magnetic...
    - Fixed plinko board to work with lots of players
    - Fixed quest tracking for artifacts
    - Fixed chat symbols in town
    - Added hover text to in game chat.
    - Fixed an issue where artifacts would (visually) duplicate when switching classes.
    - Added explanatory lore to valuables
    - Moved to infinite revive for standard difficulty
    - Revive no longer heals you all the way
    - Swap torches for bandages, with a gear upgrade path for more bandages
    - Moved artifacts to Jungle level 8 && 9, to match stronghold's 3 && 4 (Sorry Jonny)
    - Added votekick for afk party members (/votekick)
    - Fixed creeper quest tracking for artifacts
    - Added iframes for warrior's charge
    - Converted teammate health indicator to hearts above their heads
    - Added a sidebar with info on your class, gold, mana, kills, and lives (if applicable)
    - Added unvanish delay for Shadow's backstab so you can slip away quickly after a stabby stabby (don't forget to unlock the ability).

    Puzzle rooms might make their return this weekend, including introducing a puzzle supplied by Deadspeck and juj, but there's a chance that slips to next weekend preview.

  2. Deadspeck Mini Builder

    mfw DeadSpeck

    P.S. hope the puzzle comes in preview 4 and everyone dming me that it's full of bugs.
  3. Napoleon_1erZ Emerald

    bro where my name :lmao:D jk GG weeb pfp
    notswipe likes this.
  4. squallythewally Emerald

    liking the consistent updates
  5. zoomninja3000 Regular Member

    THERE IS A PLINKO BOARD? How did I not know about this?
  6. Jarool Emerald

    Oh cool, I can play with my non-premium friends for 12 hours!

    Oh, it's 12 am - 12 pm my time... and most of them are on after then...

    Dangit! Guess I'll just... uh... play without them. I'm used to it anyways :(
  7. zoomninja3000 Regular Member

    I'll try to play with you if you want...
  8. Smartzz MineZ Mini Admin

    There needs to be a bit more single player content and this game would take off more.
    Napoleon__1er likes this.
  9. HighlifeTTU Network Owner


    We've designed it so there is literally no penalty now to play with a group. However, you can certainly try the experience in single player. However, Minecraft multiplayer was designed to play with others. If we wanted to cater to single player, we'd liked just do a proper mod to the client itself. No reason for us to host expensive servers and invest in all this if the goal is to play this solo.

    However, I guess the better question to ask... why don't you want to team up with others?
    Axyy likes this.
  10. Smartzz MineZ Mini Admin

    It's not that I don't want to team with others. I have a large group and we get on sometimes and play. It's just that sometimes I have no one else on and I want to grind the game and I feel like there isn't a lot to do solo. Nothing against playing with a group tho.
    Axyy likes this.
  11. HighlifeTTU Network Owner


    If we built in some side activities that were not quote a lucrative as going in with a full group, but still gave you some benefit, would that be appealing? I am on board with some more solo activities but I want to be sure the primary experience is party based.
  12. Smartzz MineZ Mini Admin

    Yeah that'd be kinda cool. I'd be down with that.
  13. Deadspeck Mini Builder

    didnt say oops
  14. zoomninja3000 Regular Member

    I noticed what seemed like a ritual circle where you needed a skull. Does this actually do anything?
  15. Napoleon_1erZ Emerald

    i was joking :lmao: i did nothing
  16. Velb Obsidian

    Wait HighLifeTTU and lazertester are back to shotbow?

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