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When in Rogue Alpha Weekend #3

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by HighlifeTTU, May 22, 2020.

When in Rogue Alpha Weekend #3
  1. HighlifeTTU Network Owner


    Hello everyone. We hope you’ve been enjoying the amazing release of MineZ: Origins. We took a bit of a break from WiR to let everyone soak in the greatness that is the latest MineZ update. We’ve had two weekends in a row without an Alpha Test, but that doesn’t mean we didn’t spend that time pouring more love into our favorite little rogue-lite.

    When in Rogue Alpha Weekend #3 opens at 6pm CST today. We will be conducting a PUBLIC STRESS TEST from 6pm to 10pm tonight, so anyone can join. Bring along your friends! We don't expect things to crash, but if they do, please excuse any interruptions as we work out issues.

    After the public stress test we will resume the premium only alpha test for the remainder of the weekend.

    Top Artifact Collectors from Weekend Test #2

    Last weekend we wanted to see who could collect the most artifacts. Here are the results:


    Thanks to JonnyDvE for finding an easy way to collect these. We plugged that little glitch. :)

    This weekend, we challenge our testers to see who can be the first to complete Jungle on HARD difficulty. We will be calling out the top 20 folks (if that many can do it) on the change log for next weekend.

    • Jungle is back! Now with a ton of new doodads. Experience a handful of new mobs, a beautiful jungle theme, and see if you can beat the (slightly) harder jungle experience.
      • Sorry, no boss fight for this theme quite yet. We focused on a number of other things this time.
    • New sub bosses for Jungle. One can grasp you with its thorns, the other is sure to heat up any situation. Good luck beating these new custom AI sub bosses.
    • Starting health is now 5 hearts, with a maximum health of 20 hearts. This is an increase from the original 4 hearts and maximum 10 health.
    Dev commentary: Why? Simply put, more health means more variation in the types of damage we can throw at you. Some mobs may hit like trucks, some mobs may slowly peck at you. By increasing the overall health pool we give players more time to react to and plan for varying degrees of damage.
    • Full mob overhaul
      • Mobs broken into three distinct classes: common, special, and elite
      • All mobs now grow in both health and power as you go further down the levels. Previously we had one or two of each type for the dungeons, but now you’ll run into mobs that are more powerful each level. Don’t worry, with more risk comes greater reward in the form of gold dropped.
      • To help distinguish between each of these new incremental power changes, nearly every mob has a progression in their visual look. As things LOOK more powerful, they are more powerful.
      • Creepers now honor our damage system. This is both a nerf and a buff. They will not be nearly as deadly as before, but are also not as deadly to the mobs you hit them into. We’ll see how it plays out.
    Dev commentary: Part of playing When in Rogue is a different experience each time you go through the dungeons. You might get an unlucky spawn with a ton of uncommon and elite mobs, or on the flip side one that is all common that are from the prior level. Seeing what spawns and reacting to what mobs to go after is core to this game. This is a major overhaul, so expect some mobs to be too hard, and some to be too easy. We’ll be tweaking extensively.
    • Artifacts are here. As you work your way through dungeons, you will be given the opportunity to escape with artifacts with varying degrees of rarity. Upon escaping with an artifact, you will discover a very fun way of determining what you got out… but artifacts are useless until powered up by completing a variety of quests! These powerful relics can be imbued to your armor, sword, and bow, granting a variety of advantages such as additional health, damage, and protection.
      • Artifacts drop as common, uncommon, rare, epic, legendary, and unique.
      • The more rare, the greater the ability on the artifact, but also the higher the quest requirement to unlock its power.
      • Unique artifacts are not in the game yet, but will eventually be so powerful that only one unique at a time can be equipped to a character. However, these have the potential to unlock new abilities.
    Dev commentary: Since we cap health, mana, and equipment to a certain amount based on the theme you are in, Artifacts are one of the few elements in the game that let you become more powerful than the base equipment cap. In fact, right now, each theme is balanced to be harder than the first even with fully upgraded equipment. While we anticipate some daring players to be able to complete the full game with no artifacts, most players will need to capture artifacts, power them up by completing quests, and then equip them to fit their play style.

    Bug fixes
    • Fixed issue with corpses spawning in lava
    • Added minimum room size to lockdown rooms.
    • Adjusted valuable spawn frequencies.
    • Fixed being able to revive players with 0 lives.
    • Fixed warrior charge bypassing barriers.
    • Fixed the locked door sometimes having blocks in front of the keyhole.
    • Added better tracking of mobs for lockdown.
    • Added automatic unlock of lockdown in the event that a mob gets lost.
    • Added an additional arena for "Fight for your life!!!".
    • Fixed the party sometimes being stuck after grabbing an artifact.
    • Players now spawn facing the exit to the first room of the dungeon.
    • Made modifications to the party system to make it easier to party up.

  2. Samstag1 Councilor

    WiR sounds better every new testing weekend...
    DutchSurvivor and Jingle535 like this.
  3. zoomninja3000 Regular Member

    I can finally join!
  4. samare_144 Platinum

    jonny a bitch buged artifacts
  5. HumorlosLP Platinum

    This sounds amazing!

    Looking forward to be on the leaderboards :stuck_out_tongue:
  6. Jingle535 Gold

    MineZ Orgins, good player counts, HighlifeTTU, WIR... Quarantine not so bad after all I guess!
    Mistri likes this.
  7. lazertester Lead Developer


    Jonny played fair and square :D He just discovered a way to cheese that I have since patched away!
  8. HighlifeTTU Network Owner

    Yep, these are the kinds of things we are trying to fix during the alpha. So special recognition for finding big glitches :)
  9. LegendaryAlex Platinum

    6 PM CST is in around 2 hours btw (1 hour and 52 minutes from now).
  10. jmario333 Regular Member

    How do I join when the test starts? I don't see WIR in the hub
    edit: ty!
  11. HighlifeTTU Network Owner


    There will be villagers near the hub spawn
    Upside_Down likes this.
  12. Andrew_64_MC Retired Staff

    Played last preview weekend with some old friends from back in the day. We all got super addicted and were sad when it shut down at like 4AM Sunday night or whenever it was. Fantastic to see more progress and another opportunity to play!

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