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Event When in Rogue Alpha Preview Weekend #2

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by HighlifeTTU, Apr 30, 2020.

Event - When in Rogue Alpha Preview Weekend #2
  1. HighlifeTTU Network Owner


    When in Rogue is back for its second alpha preview weekend! If you want to see what is new about When in Rogue check out this post. This preview is again limited to our subscribers and premium players as we continue to add new features and test balance. Testing will begin on Friday at 6pm CST and end on Sunday at 8pm CST.

    We have wiped all progress from weekend #1, as we are now testing new pacing given the huge list of feature additions below. However... we will be giving any person who completes hard mode before the end of the weekend test (8pm CST on Sunday) recognition in the next weekend test post. Again, please give your feedback... as you can see, we are actively changing the game based on every bit of feedback given by you, our players.

    What's New, & What's Changed

    New Features
    • Artifacts! Rare items that, when taken from their mantle, change the dungeon in a random way. Can you escape the dungeon with the artifact?
      • Artifacts are found down dungeon branches, and if you pick them up (you can choose not to) they apply a random dungeon wide negative effect. You only get to keep the artifact if you reach the end of the dungeon level.
      • These are eventually going to be cross-class items that vary in degree of rarity and provide permanent bonuses across different stats. At their highest rarities these can even add new abilities. For now, they offer none of this. But for this weekend, we will be tracking how many artifacts you can get out of the dungeon and posting the Top 20 artifact gatherers when we end the second alpha test.
    • Two new mobs with unique abilities can be discovered in stronghold. One is sure to heat up any situation, while the other loves to give hugs.
    • Curious how you performed each level, or upon death? There is now a fancy post-level or post-death summary, detailing the team’s performance and divvying out fun titles based on individual performance.
    • Cheese please? While we love all varieties of cheese, we know the strategy of pulling mobs into corridors is a favorite amongst those of you who love safety. Well guess what, you’ll discover a new room mechanic occasionally that forces you to stand your ground.
    • Mmmm loot. Valuables are now found throughout the dungeon. These non-stackable, highly valued items only count towards your gold total if you survive the level. Oh yeah, and they take up your inventory space. What's more important, that potion or your greed?
    • Loot will now spawn in parkour and puzzle rooms between encounters. Be on the lookout for hidden chests!
    • Added a /revive command that will revive the nearest player in range for those times when things get weird
    • Tons of new dungeon components have been added by the build crew!
    Balance Changes
    • Warrior “Shield of Light” aggro range increased to 8 base. This should allow players to influence more mobs in a room.
    • Ender pearls are limited to 1 per stack. These will likely be used for more hidden loot locations but are also powerful as an escape.
    • Arrows are limited to 10 per stack (from 32). This still lets you hoard over 100 arrows given your inventory space, but it's now at the sacrifice of other loot.
    Bug Fixes
    • Fixed shift clicking items around in your blocked inventory.
    • Made Warrior charge not take place when holding a bow, it now only works when holding a sword.
    • Fixed inhibitors not appearing in dungeons that should have them.
    • Fixed dungeons spawning with multiple objectives, leading to briefing spam and some aforementioned inhibitor issues.
    • Fixed mobs targeting invisible players (mostly, still working out some edge cases)
    • Fixed generation pausing the server for 1-2 seconds, it now loads dungeons without introducing any tick delay whatsoever.
    • Fixed an issue that let players sneak into the jungle -_-
    • Added a /revive command which should assist in times when your teammate somehow falls in an unreachable location, still working on ensuring that revivable bodies only spawn in "safe" areas.
    • Modified reconnect logic to pick you up right where you left off instead of clearing your lives and putting you at spawn.
      • There is still a penalty of one life after the second reconnect. This is to prevent players from using disconnects to avoid death.
    • Fixed an issue where setting your gear to the max tier of dungeon you are on wasn't consistent.
    • Fixed reviving continuing to happen even after the player reviving has died.
    • Fixed trolling with buckets in town (Whoever you were that put the water bucket in that tall tree, I'm watching you...)
    • Gold amount updates in the shopping window as purchases are made.
    • Added a sound to the Witch's magical attack.
    • Fixed warrior sometimes taking damage mid-charge.
    • Spectators no longer absorb mana dropped by mobs.
    • Fixed players showing 0 HP until revived
    • Fixed mobs continuing to target a player even after they died.
    • Fixed being unable to pick up gold with a full inventory.


    ¡When in Rogue está de vuelta para su segundo fin de semana de pruebas! Si quieres ver todas las novedades, mira esta publicación. Este evento nuevamente estará limitado para nuestros suscriptores y jugadores premium mientras continuamos agregando nuevas funciones y balances. Las pruebas comenzarán este Viernes a las 6 pm CST y finalizarán el Domingo a las 8pm.

    Hemos eliminado todo el progreso del fin de semana #1, ya que ahora estamos probando un nuevo ritmo de juego dada la enorme lista de funciones agregadas que mencionamos a continuación. Sin embargo, le daremos a cualquier persona que complete el modo difícil (antes que finalicen las pruebas) un reconocimiento en el siguiente post (#3). Pedimos nuevamente que por favor dejen sus comentarios, como pueden ver, estamos cambiando activamente el juego gracias a cada comentario que nos dan ustedes, nuestra comunidad.

    Novedades y cambios

    Nuevas características
    • Se han añadido artefactos! Objetos raros que dan un efecto aleatorio a la mazmorra cuando lo recoges. ¿Puedes sobrevivir en la mazmorra con los artefactos?
      • Los artefactos se encuentran en los pisos inferiores de la mazmorra, y tu decides si recogerlos o no. Si se recoge, tendrá un efecto negativo en toda la mazmorra, aumentando el nivel de dificultad. Solo podrás conservar el artefacto si has completado el nivel de la mazmorra.
      • Con el tiempo, estos serán elementos comunes de todas las clases que variarán en grado de rareza y proporcionarán bonificaciones permanentes a tus estadísticas. En su rareza más alta, incluso se podrán agregar nuevas habilidades, pero por ahora, no ofrecen nada de esto. Al finalizar la segunda semana, realizaremos un seguimiento de la cantidad de artefactos que se pueden recolectar y publicaremos los 20 principales recolectores de artefactos.
    • Se añadieron dos nuevos mobs con habilidades únicas en la fortaleza, te aseguramos que uno calentará cualquier cosa, mientras que al otro le encanta abrazar...
    • Curioso de saber cómo saliste al final de cada nivel o al morir? ahora hay un elegante resúmen al finalizar, que detalla el rendimiento individual y el de tu equipo.
    • Queso? Si bien todos amamos los diferentes tipos de queso, sabemos que la estrategia de atraer mobs a los pasillos es una de las favoritas entre aquellos que aman la seguridad, bueno, adivina... Descubrirás una nueva mecánica de sala que te obligará a mantenerte en terreno.
    • Mmm botín... Los objetos de valor ahora se encuentran en toda la mazmorra, estos elementos no apilables y de gran valor solo cuentan para el total de oro si sobrevives al nivel. Ah, sí, y ahora ocupan espacio en tu inventario, ¿qué es más importante, esa poción o tu avaricia?
    • El botín ahora también aparecerá en salas de parkour y puzzles, atento a los cofres ocultos!
    • Se agregó el comando /revive que revivirá al jugador más cercano, para aquellos momentos complicados.
    • El equipo de construcción ha agregado muchas cosas nuevas en las mazmorras!
    • El rango de "Shield of Light" de Warrior, se ha incrementado a 8. Esto debería permitir a los jugadores enfrentar a más mobs en una sala.
    • Las perlas de ender se limitan a 1 por stack. Es probable que se usen para obtener botín en zonas más ocultas, pero también siempre son útiles para escapar.
    • Las flechas se limitan a 10 por stack (antes eran 32). Esto aún te permite acumular más de 100 flechas, dado al espacio en tu inventario, pero tendrás que tener prioridades.
    Corrección de errores
    • La carga de Warrior ya no funciona cuando sostienes un arco, ahora solo al sostener una espada.
    • Se corrigió un problema por el cual los inhibidores no se colocaban correctamente en la mazmorra.
    • Se corrigió la aparición de múltiples objetos en las mazmorras, los que se consideraban spam y causaron los problemas en inhibidores mencionados anteriormente.
    • Se corrigió el error que provocaba que los mobs siguieran a los jugadores invisibles (en su mayoría, aún está en reparación)
    • Se corrigió el error que detenía el servidor por 1-2 segundos, ahora cargan las mazmorras sin ningún tipo de delay.
    • Se corrigió un problema que permitía a los jugadores meterse en la jungla -_-
    • Con respecto al comando /revive, aún estamos trabajando para garantizar que los cuerpos revividos aparezcan en lugares "seguros"
    • Se modificó el lugar de respawn, para retomar justo en el mismo lugar donde se desconectó el jugador, en lugar de salvar su vida.
      • Existe una penalización de una vida al momento de una segunda reconexión, esto para evitar que los jugadores se desconecten para evitar la muerte.
    • Se corrigió la reanimación que continuaba ocurriendo incluso después de que el jugador revivido haya muerto.
    • Se corrigió el trolleo con cubos de agua en el pueblo (Quien sea que haya sido el que puso ese cubo de agua en el árbol, te estaré vigilando...)
    • Ahora se actualizará el oro en la ventana de compras a medida que se vaya comprando.
    • Se agregó un sonido cuando la brúja realice un ataque mágico.
    • Se corrigió un problema con "Warrior" cuando recibía daño al momento de cargar.
    • Los espectadores ya no reciben maná dropeada por los mobs.
    • Se corrigió un problema por el cual la vida del jugador se mostraba en 0 hasta revivir.
    • Se corrigió un bug que permitía que los mobs siguieran apuntando a un jugador, incluso después de morir.
    • Se corrigió un problema por el cual no podías recoger oro cuando tu inventario estaba lleno.

  2. lazertester Developer

  3. JACOBSMILE MineZ & Film Crew Lead

    This train has no brakes!
  4. notswipe Jr. Developer

    Been waiting literal years for this. Let's go.
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  5. zoomninja3000 Regular Member

    Still only Premium? Also this is the fastest I have ever seen something developed on Shotbow.
  6. Navarr Network Co-Lead


    Please consider supporting development and hosting costs by purchasing a premium subscription. You can do this with an upfront payment as low as $10 (for 1 month of time as a pre-paid subscription)
  7. LegendaryAlex Film Crew

  8. plusoubanned Gold

    We're gonna stomp it a second time ? letsgo
  9. AnotherGuy100 Gold

    HYPE! I know about it this time so I'll be there, cant wait to play again!
  10. Jarool Emerald

    Ooooooh! Looks like some interesting changes you got there! Can't wait to try it out :)

    And greed over potions 100%
  11. grynmoor Platinum

  12. shrauger Regular Member

    In "Cheese Please?" can you advance to the next room but not re-enter the room you have just left? I'm not entirely sure whats happening here.
  13. Maashg Platinum

    Good job! Keep it going :) WiR is really nice game!

    Maybe you should add some parkour based areas? Just like MineZ dungeons. Parkour and mobs :D
  14. HighlifeTTU Network Owner

    Planned. :)

    We hoped to have puzzle rooms make an appearance this weekend but it didn't make the cut. In the future, there is a chance to stumble upon a 4 player co-op puzzle room in the dungeon. At first the goal will be just to beat them, but we will be timing the completion and if you beat it under a certain time you get better rewards and an achievement. So, should be a fun little departure from the normal hack and slash.
  15. Smartzz Platinum

    Please try and make this a staple game.
  16. Mychon Obsidian

    Yes yes and uhh.. Yes. Lets get in that top 20 artifact collectors!
  17. lazertester Developer

    Thank you to those who joined us for When in Rogue Alpha Preview Weekend #2!!! I hope you all had as much fun as we did. Here's a list of changes made during the preview:

    - Fixed issue with corpses spawning in lava
    - Added minimum room size to lockdown rooms.
    - Adjusted valuable spawn frequencies.
    - Fixed being able to revive players with 0 lives.
    - Fixed warrior charge bypassing barriers.
    - Fixed the locked door sometimes having blocks in front of the keyhole.
    - Added better tracking of mobs for lockdown.
    - Added automatic unlock of lockdown in the event that a mob gets lost.
    - Added an additional arena for "Fight for your life!!!".
    - Fixed the party sometimes being stuck after grabbing an artifact.
    - Fixed being able to dump lava in the dungeon -_-
    - Fixed putting a key in your offhand removing your main hand item at a locked door
    - Fixed teams not being able to see each other at the dungeon start.
    - Added another mob on Sunday, accidentally, but still got some good feedback on it...

    Overall these past two weekends have been very helpful in polishing up the core experience. With the release of MineZ Origins next weekend we will forgo another preview weekend and take the time to focus in on adding new content. I hope you are as excited for the Origins release as I am :D. We should have a lot to explore together the next time Rogue opens.

    Also for those who noticed the massive improvements in dungeon generation between the first weekend and this weekend, I'd like to thank the build team for the additional components, especially Pichu2002 for his overhaul of the existing components, and McJeffr and Hvba for working tirelessly to bring new components to the dungeons. They are even dropping in new arenas for "Fight for your life!!!".
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