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Question when back the MTA?

Discussion in 'Mine Theft Auto' started by ca6c6, May 17, 2020.

Question - when back the MTA?
  1. ca6c6 Regular Member

    hi everyone
    3 months have passed since MTA maintenance started
    I believe the MTA will come back, but 3 months is quite long for me
    If i ask someone "when will MTA be back?"
    I think they will answer "soon", but I want to know specifically
    even if that's expectation is wrong, i never blame they
    because please tell someone
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  2. JoshTitan Regular Member

    nobody knows mayn, i dont even think the devs have an estimated time. coupled with glitches that have existed for multiple years and almost all the dedicated players quitting its not looking good, ill be surprised if it comes back even this year. i mean hopefully it does, i would hate to see mta disappear like this, but our odds arent looking good. i remember noobfan saying 2019 was gonna be the year to bring back all the old playerbase, look where that got us lol. the closest thing we got to an update was some shop prices changing, and i dont ever think we got holiday updates (changing the jetpacks to batwings dosent count as an even im sorry). the closest thing we got to anything noobfan said was my glitchfest that brought a bunch of old players out for one last look at some of the cool shit mta had hidden away (ironic the only way old players came back to the game was by breaking it). even in my 2-3 years on mta i never saw a single map addition, so even there theres nothing.

    honestly i could be wrong about all of this and noobfan will roll out a bomb ass fucking update, and storm will descend from the heavens and everything will turn out fine, but i think a lot of the players feel like the glory days for mta are over, and theyve been over for a long time.
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  3. JoshTitan Regular Member

    not to mention the long history of alt abusing, deathstreaking, kamikazying, etc. the mods really have their work cut out if theyre trying to fix the game
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  4. Hollow_Leg Gold


    If you're talking about map updates, don't leave out all the places added with grove street part 2
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  5. Runkelpokk Gold

    Not sure if you even play for 2 years lol
    For map updates there where quite a lot
    Febuary 2016 grove got released
    April 2017 High end update brought the v houses and The area with hospital and the big hotel
    September 2017 added the industrial area etc

    The playercount kept droping so there was no reason to make the map even bigger
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  6. ca6c6 Regular Member

    ok i see, but....will new weapons be add? if don't add them i think don't need this long time....
    i wanna believe in admin.....
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  7. Hollow_Leg Gold

    With as much info as has been given, the time it has taken up to this point has been spent on updating code to use 1.12.2 as a base (which, if I recall correctly, has been completed), and to update the map. I don't know if I could even guess at how much time and work has to be put into those things, but I know that it will be worth it in the end.

    On top of that, I have a feeling that they aren't go to re-release with just a map update, so who knows what's in store? :wink:
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  8. SHIZUKINTV Regular Member

    MTA may change completely. It could be an update you'd never imagine.:)
    Either way I'm looking forward to it, just being able to do MTA is all the better haha.
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  9. ca6c6 Regular Member

    lately admin(or developer) work on for often and long,
    so i say good luck,do your best!!!:wink:
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  10. MESLEG Silver

    MTA 2021 :):wink:
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