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Discussion What's a Player?

Discussion in 'Annihilation' started by Bergmanman, Apr 5, 2018.

Discussion - What's a Player? | Page 4

Do you believe the Shotbow staff team are doing a good job?

Yes. 22 vote(s) 24.2%
No. 40 vote(s) 44.0%
Kind of. 29 vote(s) 31.9%
  1. Galap Developer


    We don't talk about such things out of respect for the individual, especially when said information could be inadvertently defamatory. Exactly the same as how you would expect an employer to treat you.

    Internal matters when relating to staff are internal for the reasons above and if not now, one day, you will appreciate that.

  2. Hingey Platinum

    You make it sound like they did something wrong.:(
  3. Mysterious_Seven Platinum


    If you do not have the right to offend, then at any point if someone finds speech offensive or is offended it can be classified as hate speech, and as hate speech can be censored. You say you are for Free Speech, yet also say that as a corporation Shotbow could choose to censor hate speech as long as it isn't illegal. I would consider censoring something on Shotbow, since it is based out of the United States, under the premise that its hate speech is against free speech and the first amendment. Thus being illegal to do so.

    The fact that its owned by the government or not is irrelevant. Walmart cant just start throwing people out of their franchise locations for only dissenting points of view and not face legal repercussions.
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  4. FixGoldNameTag Obsidian

    Well it's a good thing then that Shotbow staff are "volunteers" and not employees right? Regardless of that, some admins will tell us the reasons privately, but here's the catch: no two admins ever give the exact same story. Even an admin that gave you the story originally will usually change the story. Obviously this is not the case for every single demotion, because sometimes we can all tell exactly why an admin was demoted without having to be told by anyone, but other times we're getting a lot of contradictory information just from the current staff alone.

    So since the staff tell us why other staff get demoted, then where is exactly does the "We don't talk about such things" come into play? From what I've and others have seen, that's just a fall-back answer to save face in case there is a situation, such as a few certain situations going on right now, that could reflect poorly on Shotbow and needs to be kept safe behind closed doors.
  5. Bergmanman Platinum

    I think the post is beginning to steer away from the initial point. Yes everyone would like more transparency in every way, including major staff decisions. But in this instance, where the information they could give on this subject may be vast, it isn't very helpful to us. And I totally understand not talking about someone else once they've been removed from the community.

    I would like to get back on topic though, which is thinking of ideas and solutions.
    For example, what if there was a section on the forums where lots of raw data was stored for players to view? There could be countless warnings about not taking it at face value, and it could also be hidden away a little instead of on the front page to prevent new players from instantly checking it out and being mislead. If staff still feel uncomfortable releasing the data in such a way, maybe there could be weekly/monthly update posts/comments with some data included. This way, even if someone struggles to analyze the data correctly, they can still see comparisons from previous months, and make inferences from there.
    Maybe developers and players alike can comb through the data together and assist eachother. Maybe players can give insights that have not been thought of yet. The main purposes behind free speech are to protect the individual, as well as encourage the public flow of ideas and information. If we can think along those lines, I think we will all be happier to work together, as well as more successful.
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  6. Mysterious_Seven Platinum

    Now I understand what you say from a business standpoint. Sparking controversy is probably the last thing you want to do.
    However, I have a hard time believing that if this information got out you would actually lose players or money. But when you stand idly by and act like we won't notice if you censor everything, under the premise that you'll hurt somebody's reputation, just feels like a cliche cover up story. People should be responsible for their actions, so why should they not take a hit to their reputation?

    Some people might actually care less about the subject if there was more information about it. The active cover-up of information is causing drama. Everyone always says "I don't care for drama" then turn around and watch drama at the same time, they're not invested in anything but the entertainment factor.
    This is a server whose demographic is solely based in early adulthood. We have a firm foothold in impulsive behavior we are all going to act in weird and obtrusive ways. I don't see why that should be covered up, to cover it up is to believe it is shameful.

    Also, the truth is never defamatory, it's just called the truth.
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  7. Capt Platinum

    where my post go reeeeeeeee
  8. Hollow_Leg Platinum

    I can’t really understand how this stuff is continuing
  9. Hingey Platinum

    I've always thought threads with a broad topic are more likely to derail not to say that is always a bad thing but if you want input from the community I would suggest addressing each one individually.
  10. Jeroenhero Retired Developer

    You are complaining that different staff members are leaking a different variant of confidential information? I can resolve that, please send me a PM with their names and I'll look into your complaints.

    We never have nor will we give a public statement regarding the removal/retirement of staff members:
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  11. FixGoldNameTag Obsidian

    For one, I am definitely not giving you any names whatsoever. Next thing is that I'm saying that no matter what you say about publicly releasing, you have multiple staff members releasing the matters privately. These multiple staff members also give contradictory responses, which is something that only happens when the story isn't straight because we aren't being told the truth. The private responses are the ones defamatory, not because they hurt the reputation of the demoted staff but to the staff giving us the information because it doesn't take Sherlock Holmes to see that the Shotbow staff are lying to save face. When you have multiple contradictions from multiple staff members and one staff member is actively changing the story, it is very easy to figure out whether or not the demoted staff and/or current staff are telling the truth, not to mention it shows some disorganization within the staff circle, but that is something else for completely different time.

    Don't get me wrong, there are some demoted staff that also change their stories, but they aren't as much of a problem because the community shuns them for acting like wanton scoundrels and obviously for lying to try to save face. I'm not going to name any names for this one either since every time I do I suddenly can no longer find my message. obviously I just need to stop misplacing it

    To keep in line with whatever Berg wanted, better transparency is going to solve a lot of that problem, aside from maybe the staff (dis)organization because if anything transparency will just make it significantly more noticeable. Also maybe giving us a few more unique replies to the as well because most of the time it looks like the staff have a massive FAQ copy-paste doc and the staff just look up the problem they've seen, and copy-paste the answer.

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  12. connor564 Platinum

    Transparency = GOOD, even if only semi-transparent.
  13. CrazyComboes Regular Member

    LMAO love the screenshot I agree 100%. There is only about 4-6 anni games going on at a time, with 2-3 of them being p1 or p2. That is not hard to go through your reports and check if that the player reported is hacking or not.
  14. Hingey Platinum

    Good read, especially after a few months have passed. Having a hard time finding a lot of the other controversial posts of late 2017 though...
  15. Emilio737 Regular Member

    yeah, i think we don't have to discuss this any further, this thread is slowly becoming a self written hate speech.
  16. Litnetti Emerald

  17. Hingey Platinum

    Constructive Criticism*
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  18. VictorLight Regular Member

    I'm not usually toxic or anything but most of shotbow's staff are neither friendly nor productive (as far as i've seen for the past 2 years).
    I'd love to see a new team for the server even though they've totally murdered it.
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  19. sandstoner Platinum

    This is so amusing to read, both sides have genuine points and puke out utter bullshit

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