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Discussion What's a Player?

Discussion in 'Annihilation' started by Bergmanman, Apr 5, 2018.

Discussion - What's a Player? | Page 3

Do you believe the Shotbow staff team are doing a good job?

Yes. 22 vote(s) 24.2%
No. 40 vote(s) 44.0%
Kind of. 29 vote(s) 31.9%
  1. Jeroenhero Retired Developer

    @TheAlmightyVance This thread is meant for constructive feedback and or criticism. Direct offending players or staff members is not part of that. Please don't do that again.

  2. TheAlmightyVance Regular Member

    How am I offending staff members!? It's constructive feedback. This is why Shotbow is terrible, you treat it like a communist country. It's alright, remove my messages that didn't insult anyone - but tell the truth. I'd like for you to restore BOTH my messages.

    If you don't restore my messages I guess it is proof on how terrible Shotbow truly is, quit hiding.

    Thank you.
  3. FixGoldNameTag Obsidian

    It took 3 days, hours of work, threats of bans, and many big name players, some of which rarely post/never get on the forums to get Axle demoted from staff. The admins kept denying us until they realized that there will be absolutely no going back if they do not demote him. We had 9 threads deleted. They refused to listen to us until it became evident that they will actually lose the MineZ community. That fight was probably one of the most extreme ones between staff and players.
    It took a year for the minez admins/devs to change the gold name tag back to its original yellow. There was a very clear majority upwards of 80% on some polls showing that the community wanted the gold name tag back. The devs absolutely did not want to change it at all, and it was only changed because Navarr stepped in and told them to change it. Which means only one staff member was listening to the majority community opinion to change a cosmetic that WE PAYED for. It still took a year for them to change an entire color.
    InstantLightning and Kingey both told me that Murgatron was not network lead after I told them that Murgatron was promoted to network lead. Kingey’s exact words were “You can trust me or not, that’s your decision.” One month later, Murgatron is publicly announced as a network lead. He was network lead long before he was publicly announced, but when I announced it I was called a liar, told to trust the admins that Murgatron was indeed not network lead despite the fact that I had a screwnshot from the Shotbow slack that showed Murgatron was network lead, and ultimately banned from the shotbow discord for refusing to drop the discussion about Murgatron’s promotion.
    Defend has an overwhelming majority of players that want it uncensored. It doesn’t even have a real, valid reason to be censored. It was censored because of an emotional decision and the admins still refuse to uncensor it because they emotionally feel that it is in the community’s best interest to censor defend. The community does not believe that it is in the community’s best interest.

    Guiga is not wrong and nor is Galap. Maashg makes many horrible suggestions that have almost no sense of balance or thought. The only good suggestion I have seen from Maashg was when he suggested the admins bring back the original gold name tag into MineZ. While a good idea, it was not his. He took that idea from myself, Thomas_Dorland, and Cookson. He only posted a thread in agreement towards bringing back the nametag after we had thrown up a massive fit over it.
    You should be putting more effort into your argument. Arguing for Maashg and then claiming that you do not know his history is not giving you a strong argument. It provides an avenue for other people to break down your argument, which is exactly what others are doing right now.

    Another thing(s) for shotbow staff and avid protestors against Shotbow’s transparency and staff behaviour:
    InstantLightning did join but I completely missed his message multiple times no one decided to tell me even when I asked about it. Instant did say some reportedly very mean things when he joined that were deleted by someone else but he did indeed join and I am sorry for claiming he did not and referring to him as a liar. He did call us anti-shotbow multiple times which is a complete lie because we are not against Shotbow at all, but against the current conditions and how we are treating each other as staff and player.
    JesseTheDemon’s and vampire_toothy’s retired tags were removed for attempting to create another “Shotbow.” For some completely ¿unknown? reason, BrendanLeeT still has his retired tag after making basically another MineZ game on a different server

    I have screenshots and witnesses to backup every single one of these claims. When I was banned from Shotbow discors, all of my messages were deleted so I do not have as many or as informative screenshots for those events as I do for other claims. I do have witnesses and some other conversations with admins after my ban if needed for additional evidence if the original provided are not adequate. Any screenshots requested are to be used at your own risk because many of them have resulted in the owners and users of screenshots being banned from Shotbow affiliated platforms.
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  4. TheFlame_YT Platinum

    Jeez, guys, this is making me sad. Why we dont just stop this discussion? Theres no need to open old wounds (idk if this term is right typed). Everyone knows that shotbow had mistakes in the past. WE ARE HUMANS!.

    We just need to look forward and try to make this network great again. We did it in the past, so we can do it again!
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  5. FixGoldNameTag Obsidian

    The mistakes are ongoing, not just “past mistakes.” Much of this has happened within 6 months, and it’s still continuing today. The staff are in charge of changing and they are the only ones that have power to change this network. We can all quit and Shotbow can ultimately die, but that won’t change anything. The staff need to do something and they are not doing something.
    Show us that the staff team can change for good, enhanced transparency, make reparations for past and recent mistakes, and show some respect to the community. Respect is a two way street and both sides are responsible for disrespect, but it is easier for the community to force fellow community members in line than putting staff in line. Once these things can be done, then we’ll believe and join the staff when they say “Let’s make this network great again”
  6. Bergmanman Platinum

    The reason that I claimed I didn't know his history is because it is completely irrelevant when considering new ideas from him. Multiple class ideas in the thread he posted were good and unique, but just like Guiga and Galap, you are grouping all of the ideas he makes as terrible because he has had bad ones in the past. Keeping biases towards people only prevents us from coming together and growing. Everyone should take every post from every person with a fresh mind. When we don't, we ignore good ideas because we don't like the person who suggested it.

    In agreement with FixGoldNameTag, we are not airing out our wounds to the community to feel better or to bash on Shotbow. The whole point of this thread is to look at problems and mistakes from the past so that they don't happen again, as they currently are, and then to come up with new solutions that will benefit everyone.
    Stopping this thread because it makes you sad would be an injustice to the entire community.
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  7. ArcaliusKronoz Platinum

    Annihilation needs more classes, more diversity. I also think it would be great if HighLife sees the shotbow forums, at least every week so he knows what is going on around his server and can also answer questions that some players have.

    Viva Mexico, Bye.
  8. TheFlame_YT Platinum

    Vaya apariciones que haces a veces chico :v
  9. ArcaliusKronoz Platinum

    Ya ves xdd me dicen el mago de oZ :v
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  10. TheAlmightyVance Regular Member

    Is there a way I can check what I posted? My comment was removed for no reason, shows how terrible the admin team is.
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  11. VeryFried Regular Member

    i think anni needs to be rolled back to the version used in minecraft 1.5.2 it was best then as it was simple a few maps could be added but for a new player i found it very hard to learn all classes and just got bored after 2 days playing,
  12. Hingey Platinum

    That is true there is a steep learning curve to anni. The wiki might not be the solution to many new players maybe a better in game teaching system? Heck if censoring a word is really easy it cant be that hard to have some instruction text pop up for new players when they play their first game.
  13. Jeroenhero Retired Developer

    Calling a staff member "A complete idiot who has no idea what he's doing" is definitely an insult, therefore it's removed. Nothing communistic or terrible about removing an insult which violates the Shotbow rules.
  14. LegendaryAlex Platinum

    Learn to have only a small bit of respect
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  15. Mysterious_Seven Platinum

    Hate speech is free speech.
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  16. Snurkle Platinum

    Yes, I agree.

    However, this is a privately owned server. if it was owned by the government, I could see your point. They get to set their own rules, as long as it isn't illegal activity. You can say what you want, they have the right to ban the player.
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  17. connor564 Platinum

    you... DO realize that exactly what you're saying is what people are fighting against, and that it leads to corruption?
  18. Litnetti Emerald

    then this network's going nowhere
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  19. Snurkle Platinum

    I don't realize that. That isnt whats happening. Hopefully that answers your question.
  20. jinl3e Platinum

    I am still confused why this server never talks about situations like Kounterattack or Jesse.

    Yeah yeah, "forget about it" or "there is lots of drama," but guess what? I can't forget about it. Do you know how much shit Jesse donated? Or how much shit jesse worked on? And what you give back is nothing. Literally nothing. This shows that shotbow has 0 respect for some staff members.

    Short Story: I've always wanted to be a staff member because I thought it would be a fun experience and it looked cool but looking at these situations just makes me cringe.

    And the fact that NO staff talks about it also makes me cringe. Maybe that's why my name is cringe.

    But please. This server is amazing but it could be better.
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