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Discussion What do we want?

Discussion in 'Wasted' started by BrassBuilder, Apr 17, 2016.

Discussion - What do we want?

Which of my ideas do you want to see?

This poll will close on Apr 15, 2026 at 9:35 AM.
new map 12 vote(s) 63.2%
jetpack balancing 8 vote(s) 42.1%
Mech Changes 10 vote(s) 52.6%
Kevlar tears(?) 15 vote(s) 78.9%
Tutorial system 12 vote(s) 63.2%
Sheep car 11 vote(s) 57.9%
SRAW 7 vote(s) 36.8%
Poll choice... 5 vote(s) 26.3%
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. HypeTrains Mini Builder

    I am making this a large font so it is clearly readable. Things in bold are important points.

    So what do we, the players want in a new wasted? What do we want that's new?
    I created this thread to let the devs know what we are looking for, and why we want it. It is up to them what is done, but at least they will know what they should look into. Feel free to elaborate on someone else's idea but do not steal their idea or say that someone's idea is a bad idea. All ideas are good ideas... except ones that involve drugs, swearing, or ones that just **** wasted over.

    NOTE: I am aware the poll says "tear" instead of "tier." English gr8 myn.

    Now, I came up with some ideas myself. Here they are.

    • [EDIT]I really want you to remove the spam of "cannot shoot when reloading" and "you cannot shoot in the air." Chat spam is super annoying especially to people who don't know what F3 + D is.
    • New Map - Let's face it the old one was way too big and is so over-explored at this point.
    • Jetpack balancing - Many threads about this, but I will elaborate in a response to this thread
    • Mech changes - I think mechs are great as they are, but need lower health, and should be easier to get.
    • Kevlar tiers - Sorry if I spelled that wrong, but you have "tier III kevlar," make tiers II as well, maybe gold armor. Don't confuse your audience.
    • Tutorial system - like minez2s tutorial.
    • Sheep car - Introducing the all new car alternative, the sheep!
    • SRAW - This is probably the stupidest idea, but it is a rocket launcher from battlefield 4 that goes where you look. If you want to see how it works there is this video.
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  2. notswipe Retired Staff

    I think I'd like a map rotation, as opposed to simply a new map. One map will be discovered through and through, but say if there was a new map every week I'd enjoy that. There would be more variety, and it would (hopefully) lessen the number of people who simply log on and camp.
  3. Lil_Jeffy_com Platinum

    Make jetpacks.... More.... Jetpacky ;P
    Give locations some more depth or just a nicer look

    Reduceren shop prices a bit

    Make wasted like 3 years ago.... The player count won't work tho :lmao:

    I don't have Much time to post something long now. I'll give some great ideas later
  4. _Dark_Messiah_ Regular Member

    Original Jetpacks with ability to shoot midair, efficient fuel usage, original cars and trucks, new map and old one on a random basis for when the game resets, it can go to the original, or the other.
    And my final piece FOR THE GAME TO COME BACK SOON
  5. HypeTrains Mini Builder

    Totally forgot to elaborate the jetpack ideas I have.
    What I wanted to say was that I think jetpacks should be kept exactly the same BUT you can shoot midair with pistols only, as well, the idea put forth way back whenever that jetpacks should have a cool-down of when you could take off again. Forgot whose idea that was but it was really good now that I think of it.

    You want a wasted-sized map every week? Hahahahahahahahhahahaha. It's okay I see your point it doesn't seem like it would take long to make one but it does, trust me I tried to make a wasted map once... it failed terribly (sort of). But map rotation would be good.
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  6. WastedControl Regular Member

    I want a baby chicken somewhere on the new map that I can ride pls.
  7. _Dark_Messiah_ Regular Member

    brass mid air or not midair We all just want mid air back that's what Jet-packs were good for.
  8. HypeTrains Mini Builder

    w8 what's the difference I'm confuzzled :(
  9. 323465963 Retired Staff

    There used to be one that spawned downhill in the forest near Ryde right after a reboot
  10. NotDiezel Regular Member

    Elytra Jet-Packs?
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  11. _Dark_Messiah_ Regular Member

    All weapons allowed not nit picks.
  12. HypeTrains Mini Builder

    I really want the AA-12 to be OP again, but I don't want pkp spammers coming from 200 blocks above the ground spraying random kills against nightmare players that just quit. But no idea is a terrible idea :heart:
  13. NotDiezel Regular Member

    OP AA-12 is fun.
  14. _Dark_Messiah_ Regular Member

    well thats the thing people complain about, I get the concept, but its manageable. A machine gun sprays hundreds of rounds in 30 secs. Generally they are paying for it more than the victim.
  15. NotDiezel Regular Member

    Tier btw bro.
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  16. HypeTrains Mini Builder

  17. HypeTrains Mini Builder

    But bullets can be bought to fill the ammo case with $100, which is typically every 2 kills (for fresh spawns or peeps who bought ammo), sometimes 3. Which is easily achievable by spraying them so hard their bodies become heaps of flesh and shattered bone. It's WORSE than self replenishing.

    NEW IDEA!!
    I think the mosin needs to be made $300 this time... the spam of it in C17, Mona, etc. is just frusterating.
    Like or dislike vote on this poll right here.
    Oh, and maybe make the wooden sword a dmr? I'd lick you if you did :heart: (jk that would be really wierd o_o)
  18. _Dark_Messiah_ Regular Member

    lower the power rate on it.
    or dont, because it fires the same huge round a Mosin does.
  19. Robertthegoat Developer

    > Increase spread while flying?
    > Lowered head-shot multiplier when flying?
    > Add kick to guns?
    > Add cool down for ammo purchases on a per player basis?
    > Armor-piercing rounds to inflict significant damage on mechs and jet packers?
    > Add incendiary rounds (Dragon's Breath, etc.) that cause jet packs to explode?
    > Add sticky grenades?
    > Negate armor benefits from wearing a jet pack (just for the chest plate)?
    > Make jet packs leave a bit more visible trail (helps with tracking)?
    > Add homing weapon?
    > Remove fall damage protection when falling out of the sky while jet packing (like Control)?
    > Add weapon weights, preventing large and powerful guns from being taken aloft?
    > Make jet pack speed related to the weight of the gear you're flying with?

    Just some ideas in the interest of discussion :)
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  20. HypeTrains Mini Builder

    I like all your jetpack nerfs you talked about.
    But please make a straw poll for this. :D :heart: :3

    But there is one thing I wanted to mention
    Let's try to keep wasted from cloning the MTA guns.

    Oh, and I did suggest that as a jetpack nerf once in one of the recent nerf threads

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