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Question What are the best feather falling IV locations?

Discussion in 'MineZ' started by muisic_man, Sep 18, 2015.

Question - What are the best feather falling IV locations?
  1. IncognitoFox Regular Member

    Just wondering where people have goten FF IVs since the update.

  2. LtBilbo Silver

    I got FF IV's at hell tree and they were 140 dura so that's a good place to get some.
  3. MTrout Platinum

    I got about 4 feather falling IVs at Floating Islands in about 20 minutes. Either I got extremely lucky or it's a very good spot for them.
    OneZedArmy likes this.
  4. LightswornKing Regular Member

    If you aren't in need of ff 4's u can get ff 3's from water spire really fast. If not hell tree and Floating Islands Work well as said above
  5. FreeCookson Platinum

    All the spire locations spawn them at higher rates as signature loot.
    OneZedArmy likes this.
  6. JackMasterMind Regular Member

    Ive found them even in zerbia but id say the best place is the hell tree.
  7. IncognitoFox Regular Member


    Huh, I farmed underground spire for 2 hours and didnt get FF I guess I just got unlucky.
  8. mmertTR Silver

    Before the update: Spire
    Now: Floating islands(his special chest gives almost everytime FF4)

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