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    Please do not show people screenshots containing plot ids and usernames of those who create inappropriate content on their plot - use the report-a-player function instead.

    That aside, these are merely holograms that can be placed due to a bug by some players. We have already patched up this bug in our upcoming 1.9 version a long time ago. There is nothing to worry about really, the Qubion staff can remove all holograms at once by running a simple command.
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    Well the plot ID was to narrow down the location of the "holograms". + The holograms where on the roads and in the spawn area to so it wouldnt be just 1 plager placing it down on his plot. This is Not to publicshame someone. This is just to attendence the staff about it since i havent played in a couple of weeks/month. However if you entered the spawn area your game alomst froze due the huge strain this apperntly causes on the server this was in a timespan of like 3hours? Ikbow Qubion hasnt the manpower to patrol 24/7 for things like this but it stayed there gor so long so i made the thread to raise awerness for this issue

    That aside i dont believe the players mentioned in the holograms madr them. I let one of them know and he/she wasnt aware of the holograms. Nor the that the holograms on peoples plots where madd by those spefic people since there everywhere. so it would be pointless to report them.

    It where distubring texts and sings used tho.

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