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Discussion Weekend Preview #3 Thoughts

Discussion in 'When in Rogue' started by lazertester, May 26, 2020.

Discussion - Weekend Preview #3 Thoughts
  1. lazertester Developer

    Hello, dungeon divers! Now that Weekend Preview #3 is wrapped up, lend me your thoughts!

    1. What worked?

    2. What did not work?

    3. What do you want to see more of?

  2. zoomninja3000 Regular Member

    All I really found was that backstab never seemed to work when invisible and only rarely worked otherwise. I am quite interested in the other planned classes though.
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  3. Jarool Emerald

    I didn't try this weekend out, I was playing too much Terraria with my friends!

    I want to see more When in Rogue, so next week I'll try and actually play (I actually had a single friend on during the public stress test and we had enough fun, so hopefully we have more public tests so I can get more of my non-premium friends to try it out, but I understand that that's not always plausible).
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  4. lazertester Developer

    Definitely planning more times where it's open to the public, especially since last time didn't go terribly :)
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  5. JonnyDvE Platinum

    What worked:
    Jungle is Awesome
    What didn´t:
    Spiders can pass through 1 Block spaces when you hit them and can hit you too fast. If 2 or more jump on you in the same time you are dead.
    Mobs despawn when not rendered, and it seems they also have a timer -> Fighting big rooms safley lets the back of the room despawn due to out of render, closer Mobs might despawn to time. I´d prefer more smaller rooms over a few Big ones. Also if you have a really big locked room it´s virtually impossible to beat without luck (in hard/ironman mode)
    What do I wanna see more of:Custom Mobs/bosses
    More types of Artifacts
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  6. notswipe Jr. Developer

    What worked: Jungle is epic, the progression tiers for gear feels well-balanced. Every upgrade feels like an upgrade.
    What didn't: Smoke bomb only works somewhat, mobs will still aggro onto you through the smoke. Like Jonny said, certain rooms are quite easy to cheese, yet other non-boss rooms are extremely hard comparative to the rest of the level.
    What do I want to see more of: Different Artifact types, unique mob encounters, PvP Arena mode, extensive ability build trees.

    The base game is amazing imo, it's more a question of tweaking the encounters and adding content now. The little details (like the Highlife CS:GO quotes and loading tips) is what makes it too
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  7. JonnyDvE Platinum

    Still waiting on that beating tho @HighlifeTTU
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  8. Derek_B Platinum

    There should be different ending objectives then just get to the portal.
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  9. HimmlerCraft Silver

    Hi, When can you play gamemode again?

    Just got the info that it is re-development.
    Im so excited i cant wait any longer D:!
  10. notswipe Jr. Developer

    Check #when-in-rogue on the Discord for updates!

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