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Suggestion Website, Online People

Discussion in 'The Network' started by minehappy01, Apr 3, 2013.

Suggestion - Website, Online People
  1. minehappy01 Silver

    I love the site, but it feels sort of lacking without some way of telling who is on.
    It seems like there is some sort of notifier for people you are following.
    But atm it seem like you have to go find one of their posts to be able to follow them in the first place.

    Edit: There seems to be some sort of "members" part of the site, but it seems kinda hard to get to.

  2. Lucid_Vitriol Platinum

    I noticed in the profile settings that there is the ability to simply type in names that you want to follow. Hopefully that will help you get adjusted somewhat. :stuck_out_tongue:
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  3. minehappy01 Silver

    I know, that's in the "members" tab. Just the only real way to tell if someone is online seems to be the chat, which you have to scroll through like 50 people.
  4. Lucid_Vitriol Platinum

    On a person's profile, it says "Last seen ______ doing ______." If you want to see if a specific person is online, that's more than efficient.

    **NINJA-EDIT** - You don't even have to go to the full profile page. Click my picture on this thread and it will show you my info.

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