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Suggestion Website Bot

Discussion in 'The Network' started by Glitchyy, Sep 28, 2013.

Suggestion - Website Bot
  1. JuanDeags Platinum

    I'm just going to jump straight into it.

    It's clear that a lot of new players don't know where to post appeals or report a hacker(sometimes for reporting), and do it willy-nilly in any place on the forum(well almost any). And I have an Idea in order for that to stop.

    A website bot.

    What does it do? Well, if it see's any post that is about a ban or a hacker, it will remove that post and PM that person telling them to not post reports/appeals in the incorrect place.

    On a side note, it should/would ignore all posts from Ban Appeals and Reporting Sub-forums.

    Personally, I think this would clear up the forums a whole lot.


    PS. This was derived from this: Click here

  2. XDGrangerDX Gold

    The problem whit such automatized systems is that they trigger alot on false alerts. (I know about what im talking, got recently banned at LoL from the LeaverBuster, because my game suddenly crashed, joined back in, crashed again and LeaverBuster triggered. Ban. -.-')
    I undertand that this wont ban but it will still annoy the heck out of users who dont do anything wrong.

    On which keywords will the bot trigger? Hack? Ban? Unban? Forcefield?
    Ultimatecy likes this.
  3. JuanDeags Platinum

    Read the reddit post, scroll down a bit, there is a comment where BarbaricYawp mentions what is not allowed or what the bot triggers.

    And also, now that I think of it, we need a chat bot too.
  4. Ultimatecy Regular Member

    Its a good idea but I have to agree with :lmao:GrangerDX that it will probably annoy players which will lead them to stop playing Shotbow.
  5. jugularvein123 Silver

    The bot could ask them if they meant to post in the ban appeals section, and give them a link that redirects there. It could also link them the proper ban appeal and ban report formats.
  6. JuanDeags Platinum

    Because a "Faulty" Bot on the website will stop them from playing Shotbow as a whole.

    It would only move/delete them. Tell them that what they did and should do(I've already had it done to me on /r/MineZ, suggesting this exact suggestion, but for the website).
  7. blockhead1110 Platinum

    We already have a chat bot, it's called NavarrBot. Basically you can do a few commands in the chat like !pong (you know what that does) !about, !mrow, and more. Just a correction.
  8. JuanDeags Platinum

    I know we do. This is for the forums...

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