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Discussion Weaponry

Discussion in 'Wasted' started by Hydralax, Dec 10, 2015.

Discussion - Weaponry
  1. Broooce Regular Member

    What I'll be discussing:
    After finally discussing why Wasted had failed in the first place it's time to start talking about the Weaponry in Wasted itself. There's not been much problems about it but as I said, it needs to be discussed. It's the changes to the weaponry that has actually made it worse, a lot of weapons don't feel like they should feel like, they did feel good when Wasted had came out but as time went on they became more like toys.

    Another reason why I'll be discussing Weaponry is because we need new weapons now, the weapons chosen for this game were a bit boring, they mainly focused on machine guns and assault rifles which people like the most and left out the snipers, pistols and shotguns which I personally like more. In addition to this, other than adding guns you could add SOME melee weaponry to make the game more versatile but this isn't a must.

    The Main Idea:
    I'm going to be discussing how to bring melee weaponry into the game in a good way, not a game ruining way and here's how, I took the ideas from other gun games and it seems to work perfectly fine to be honest and shouldn't be much of a problem.

    When adding the melee weaponry you could easily add two weapon types to one gun such as a Glock and then add on Knife so it would appear as Glock:Knife when wielding the weapon and then just make it so it depends on what you kill the player with it shows it in the chat. The damage would be based on the weapon you have selected the gun to such as a PKP is a Diamond Sword in reality so the damage can easily be arranged in the files and shouldn't be too hard, but as I said before. It does not have to be added.

    The next thing I'm discussing is new guns. It wouldn't be too hard to do but I already know that new guns are being discussed such as the 44. Magnum but sadly, it's only a Wasted: Control thing, so Wasted itself is being ignore for now. But anyway, on with the new weaponry.

    The guns I'm adding will fit into Wasted quite nicely in my opinion, let me know in if you hate the idea, it's just an example.

    M1903 Springfield - Sniper
    Similar to the Mosin Nagant
    -High Range
    -Potential for two shot kill
    -High Accuracy
    -Long reload time
    -Bad upclose
    -Slow fire rate

    Remington M24 SWS (M24A2) - Sniper
    Military Version of the Remington Version 700 Rifle
    -Decent Range
    -Potential for three - four shot kill
    -Decent Accuracy
    -Quick Reload time (Bolt Action)
    -Bad up close
    -Low damage

    PSG1 - Sniper
    -Major Damage
    -One Shot Kill (Two shots for Kevlar or three depending on area)
    -Quick Shot time
    -Range is lower than other snipers
    -Slow reload time

    44. Magnum
    - Major Damage
    -Two Shot Kill (Three shots for Kevlar or three depending on area)
    -Medium Reload time
    -Slow fire rate
    -Extremely bad range

    Desert Falcon
    -Decent Damage
    -Quick fire rate
    -Extremely Bad Range
    -Sluggish Reload time

    Double Barrel Shotgun
    -Devastating Damage
    -One shot kill (Three shots for Kevlar)
    -Quick Reload time
    -Slow Fire Rate
    -Extremely Bad Range

    Pancor Jack Hammer
    Similar to AA12
    -Extremely High Fire Rate
    -Low usage of Ammo
    -Quick Reload time
    -Extremely Low Damage
    -Extremely Low Range

    These are all my gun ideas. I think they fit into Wasted quite well and obviously all of them don't need to be added to Wasted but I and others would love to see more guns, these seem good in my opinion.

    Simple Changes
    Remember that update about a year ago which I mentioned in my Update section of the Wasted Revival Series? Mid Air Shooting was completely ruined which is a shame, it was quite fun and brought more action to the scenes but at the same time, I respect the idea. I can see why Mid Air Shooting was removed, it was a bit powerful and unfair against people who were new. But to completely remove it was a bit drastic, there was only a few guns that took complete advantage of this and that's the Machine Guns and High Fire Rate weapons; and because these type of weapons are usually heavy, why not implement a system where you can only shoot certain weapons mid air and some you can't. Heavy Weapons and Light Weapons.

    Light Weapons are able to shoot mid air since these weapons are usually a bit more balanced in a lot of ways, but the heavy weapons are not. This idea has been suggested throughout the Wasted scenes for ages now and there doesn't seem like there's anything wrong with it and I think it would solve the issue completely.

    Heavy Weapons (Unable to shoot mid air)
    -Rocket Launcher
    -M79 Grenade Launcher
    Light Weapons (Allowed mid air)
    -Mosin Nagant
    -Remington 870

    Now I wish to not make this realistic since it's a game, bizarre realism would wreck most games if you get what I mean so the weight doesn't matter in some occasions. There's been disputes that the Mosin Nagant is a heavy gun and some of the shotguns are and possible a couple of Assault Rifles, but honestly they weren't the problem in the first place. Removing some of these guns will most likely cause the same problems. The ones I removed were the culprits but there's still a remaining problem.

    The mechs are still a giant problem and I have two ways of solving the issue and it includes implementing three new systems that will most likely solve the problem but it's up to the people and the developers to decide what best is needed. But I will not be including that in this post, my next post will be about combat itself which will go into much more detail about counters but will not be as long as this.
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  2. Jore_ Silver

    Can I point out to anyone complaining about the Mosin's weight:
    It is 4kg. An AA12 is 7.5kg and a PKP is 8kg...
    It is lightweight.
  3. Robertthegoat Developer

    "but sadly, it's only a Wasted: Control thing, so Wasted itself is being ignore for now"

    I am a bit confused by this statement. Wasted: Control has a limited arsenal based on classes, so integrating news guns is on a per class, per use basis. Gun Game is being used as the testing/tweaking environment, ensuring we don't throw unbalanced/untested guns into Sandbox. Ultimately, though, these guns are aimed to be a part of Sandbox and the Wasted family as a whole, not specific to any one gamemode.
    KoenigApfel likes this.
  4. Broooce Regular Member


    What I meant by this was that the 44. Magnum that was being teased is apparently only going to be in Wasted: Control. Now I don't know if that's definitely true but that's what I've heard. And then I ended up saying Wasted is being ignored right now because nothing is being done, no gameplay improvements, nothing.

    What I didn't know was that these guns are being tested in Gun Game, thanks for stating that. And thanks for replying anyway, good to see some feedback from the staff.
  5. Robertthegoat Developer

    Beware rumors :wink:

    I am your representative. If you have specific questions on information in the public domain, don't hesitate to ask!
  6. Broooce Regular Member

    I'd much rather not bother you with petty things that maybe conspiracies. If I say something wrong then people like you will correct me!
  7. HypeTrains Regular Member

    I like the thing about the gun you can shoot mid-air, which honestly I think was my idea but whatever. The thing about the snipers I think you and I both agreed upon a while ago, not sure who came up with that. But what I want to happen on top of these things is the mosin nagant, unless made $500 and less common than the scar-h in chests should have an innacuracy toll about so that every 20 blocks it travels, it goes one to the right/left/up/down. It makes it more useful as a close range weapon, and harder to use from long ranges. Thus, making the PKP the only OP weapon, which should make it so you cant take off in jetpacks at all >:) What might also work is the air shooting thing, but the guns you cant air shoot you cant take off with in the first place. And btw, I found the M79 is very difficult to use even when using the modern techniques for air shooting, so it should be able to be air shot. I have killed myself with an m79 many times by flying into the bullet ;3

    And how do you like this font? Yes or no?

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