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Suggestion We need more updates

Discussion in 'Wasted' started by rayoflight347, Mar 3, 2017.

Suggestion - We need more updates
  1. rayoflight347 Regular Member

    Alrighty, I'm gonna minimize this rant to the best of my ability.
    There are tens, if not hundreds of people who loved, and still do love wasted. Simple fact: best gamemode in minecraft history. Robertthegoat used to give monthly bi-monthly updates on the progress of wasted. Since he left, we have gotten one update from 323 from november (even though titled december). That means its been 3-4 months since we have last heard about wasted. Staff, be honest with us, if your stone-walled, tell us. If your almost done, DEFINITELY TELL US. But... PLEASE DONT LEAVE US IN THE DARK. We need the updates, whether they're good or bad, we need approximate dates. All we have been doing is riding off a hope of summer 2017 as a minimum. Which is pretty damn vague. Hear me staff, we need to know.

  2. Broooce Regular Member

    Wasted will release in good time, don't forget it's being built from the ground up. Although it probably has came far ahead since the previous updates, it may be at a weird state as of right now.

    At this point I'm not too bothered about the release date, I probably won't play too much of Wasted myself. But it'll be a good thing to know that it's there, and I can always pop on. But in a case of shotbow itself, the game truly has a lot of potential. It was a unique gamemode that no other server seemed to have pulled off, and the thrill of a shooter in Minecraft is outstanding, and definitely differs from most. If you recreate this game well enough, and attention rises. There will be a spark that will be reached, and people will pour into shotbow giving love to most of the gamemodes there.

    I may be a bit too optimistic in what I just said, but I never found as much fun in a gamemode within Minecraft which was similar to Wasted. Nothing could beat it. The only reason it fell was due to a lacklustre of love given to the game, which slowly lead to its demise, cluttered with bugs and mistakes.

    A little teaser would be nice though.
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  3. Robertthegoat Developer

    My updates reflected progress in the planning phase of community polling and the exchange of ideas, which attained a point of relative completion. In that sense, the massive amount of information we collected now needed sorting, filtering, discussion and ultimately implementation. Consider, if no public updates appear for a time, that work is underway on what is already profiled and finalized. There is a metric ton of information already sampled from the community, which is awesome!

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