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Suggestion We Need 8v8

Discussion in 'Annihilation' started by Datto, Apr 17, 2019.

Suggestion - We Need 8v8
  1. Datto Regular Member

    I am making this thread because I would really really love to see 8v8 returned. I think that it brings a good amount of competitiveness and challenge to the "Classic Annihilation". Although I appreciate all the work the devs have put into the Spring Update, I still think that there wasn't many changes that actually added anything interesting. Most of the games I play get stale around Phase 4, and I just end up leaving. I think that the 8v8 gamemode was something that brought a sense of meaning to actually winning a game. I think that bringing a elo leaderboards to 8v8 would be fantastic. I can definitely see myself as well as many others checking the leaderboards constantly, seeing where you stand and where some of the very best annihilation players rank. Elo is a much easier way to rank people rather than having multiple leaderboards for different categories. A general ranking system would be a good way to see who the best players overall is. Without 8v8 it sort of removed the competitive side of annihilation. Classic Annihilation is a great way for casual players to increase their general knowledge of the game and practice. 8v8 would be a great way to show of the best starts and really compete for elo.
    DanDanKikoeru and Unhinge like this.

  2. Unhinge Platinum

    I would like to see a party/clan challenging system at least coming back soon, it'd encourage people to form groups and I'm sure it'd be used quite a bit.
  3. connor564 Platinum

    8v8 was a little bit of a novelty, it was fun but in the end was pretty useless when it came down to it :/
  4. Datto Regular Member

    I think if there was a better leader boards / ranking system it would be much more fun
  5. connor564 Platinum

    But it would not be worth to bring back. The extra server space for a *chance* that 16 people would queue up is not worth it. It's fun, yes, but not practical.
  6. Ivandagiant Silver

    The issue with 8v8 before was that nobody was playing it...

    I'm not sure how many players it would attract if it returned. Regular games need every player they can get currently. As much as I loved 8v8, I don't think it would survive today.
  7. connor564 Platinum

    Exactly my point. The playerbase will complain for it all it wants but it'll die out in a week.

    Example, Ghostcraft.

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