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Discussion Wasted Revival: Discussing failiure

Discussion in 'Wasted' started by Hydralax, Dec 9, 2015.

Discussion - Wasted Revival: Discussing failiure
  1. Broooce Regular Member

    General Wasted Information:
    Minecraft itself was a thriving game, tons of things could be created with just a little bit of imagination. The more smarter people found out ways to implement gamemodes using plugins and redstone which became a success in minecraft itself keeping players more focused to playing Multiplayer instead of singleplayer which Minecraft advertised more about.

    This then lead on to amazing gamemodes being created that we all know and love today, the amount of things you could do would just be up to you and what you could think of. Eventually, Wasted was born. A mixture between a FPS Action game and Minecraft, a sandbox game. A lot of people had wanted this sort of game for ages, things were created like this but not enough detail was put into them, most of them turned out to be petty gungames and that was it, but Wasted was special. Its potential was limitless, the amount of things you could do, the amount of effort and time that had went into it was astonishing and that was what brought players to playing the gamemode and why it became a success for shotbow and certainly a gamemode to remember. This led to servers being full and youtubers even trying it out for themselves which then lead to giant swarms of people coming on daily, it was literally heaven. A time to remember.

    After a few weeks from Wasted first being released people started to gain great knowledge of the game. They knew exactly what they had to do after they spawned and what to do to become geared. Peoples skill levels were starting to rise, battles were more intensive and it began to rely on what gun you had, how good your aim is and what you knew. Clans were starting to form which created giant competition and then things started to get real. People would be creating new base ideas and strategic ways to capture dropzones and such and it was becoming chaotic. It was at this point that the real Wasted began, the one we have known for years and what kept players actually playing the server and not being just a one off gamemode, groups would be swarming everywhere, this was a time to remember.

    But when people begin to know a great deal about the game, this is when people will want more. This is when it'll get boring for some players and to keep it interesting we need more content and this is where the first factor of failure in Wasted occurred, and this was a great deal.

    The main factors of failure in Wasted:
    As I had explained above, people were wanting more and the only way to do this was to update the game and add more content for players to explore and make it harder, this is exactly what Wasted did do for the beginning. They added and removed vehicles that would be more fun and some that weren't quite cutting what players wanted. Mechsuits and Motorcycles were added a long with a destroyed mech objective were you could go over and find a destroyed mech that you could repair for yourself and rain terror with, it came packed with an infinite ammo Machine gun, you could spray without ever worrying about running out of ammo, it also came with a Rocket Launcher with a whopping fourty rockets with eighty shots since the mechs rockets were unique.

    This was a very fun vehicle indeed, it added what players had hoped for (a long with some bug fixes of course) and a new things to hunt down for, if someone got it, that'd be a hard fight right there. This added more competitiveness for people as well, having a mech user with mechanic class in their clan a long with a few jetpackers, now that's a team that the average person would not like to mess with, this would also make it harder for jetpackers to just swoop into towns and kill everyone in sight, they'd have to fight a big bulky mech which had the potential of killing them within a couple of shots and with very high range and explosives in its arsenal.

    This was okay for now, it wasn't exactly perfect but they did what the players had wished for. They had added new content to explore and spruced the game up in various different ways.The real Updates that affected Wasted happened next...

    After a couple of months wasted had kept the exact same, it was very fun indeed. There was still a lot of players playing due to the competitive side of things, the game kept your adrenaline pumping and kept you on your toes, listening for players and making sure you were always ready for a surprise but some players were hoping for changes in Wasted soon enough, it had been a while now and all great games deserve common attention to keep things looking good for the future, but the potential was Wasted eventually... Wasted... I said Wasted, get it? "bad puns"

    The next updates were shocking, there was no need for these kind of drastic measures, I know people were expecting something and ideas were being spread across the forums but come on, did you really have to do this.
    The Developer AET and a few others had created a update that would change the course of Wasted forever and remove the best aspects of Wasted in one big gulp, making people quit and only a couple of loyal players would remain but even they would eventually begin to give up as time went on.

    The Update contained of:
    • You can no longer use rockets while jetpacking, this also applies to the grenade launcher (M79).
    • It is no longer possible to do an exploit to obtain unlimited money.
    • You will not get Slowness from attempting to buy a beacon from PauseUnpause, even if you don't have the money.
    • You can no longer use a Beacon as an Independent.
    • The grapple will no longer act erratic and spam particles when it shouldn't.
    • You will not get negative seconds while using Scout on a vehicle.
    • Scoped weapons should now zoom properly.
    • When you purchase ammo, you will get the ammo that you purchase and it will not refill your current stack.
    • You can no longer break and place cacti.
    Immediately you can see the big issues with this and no, I'm not talking about every single thing here, I'm just covering the main things. "You can no longer use rockets while jetpacking, this also applies to the grenade launcher (M79)."
    Well, the update that introduced Mechs was fine since there was actually a counter to them, but now they're a really bad thing to have in a game, especially when there isn't actually a proper counter to them basically making them able to roam across the map doing whatever they want without anyone bothering them, unless the person honestly wanted to take on the mech which was highly unlikely.

    In addition to what I said above, recently before this they also stopped jetpackers being able to use weaponry mid air (wearing a jetpack mid air) which ruined a lot of fun for people who managed to get jetpacks and a lot of people who played in general making a lot of the players who spent a lot of time playing the game instantly quit, there was nothing left for them and I can see why.
    Basically, this then makes jetpacks a form of vehicle and nothing more, you can't really use them to your advantage apart from the fact that you can fly place to place and over high buildings that were in your way, this isn't a good way to bring fun to Wasted at all. The Jetpack was suppose to be the most expensive but most greatest thing you could ever have and they completely destroy any terms of fun in the thing making a full kevlar set with spec ops and some cool weaponry much more fun since Jetpackers need to get down and dirty now, way to shotbow for being a killjoy.
    "You can no longer use a Beacon as an Independent." Why would you do that? I know the team is independent but still, it ruins the fun of actually having a team to be in. It seems quite fun independants having a beacon to spawn on, it brings a complete different side of Wasted, you could even host events with this were all the independants would land and it would instantly be a free for all, fight to the death arena in one of the major cities and other teams could intervene and try and destroy the beacon and place there own. Yet again way to remove the fun from Wasted, some great potential remove right there.
    This maybe quite a small thing but I'll cover it anyways. "You can no longer break and place cacti." Was there really a point in doing this, I quite liked the idea of being able to break cactus. You could actually make some cool strategies from this and add to your base, not to mention that it destroys jetpacks so when you're out in the battlefield if you have a base with this and a jetpacker accidently drops his jetpack it instantly gets destroyed. "HAHA NOOB JPER". And it does quite severe damage to armours including the jetpack. But, it was especially good against the mechs, it was a giant counter to the mechs infact which made Cactus very good to have, I don't see a reason to removing it, another example of shotbow being a killjoy.
    This was definitely one of the main factors why people left and I have evidence right here to a link which displays a forum post which everyone seemed to have arguements on, it was an uproar. Players were constantly talking about how bad this update was and I agree. After this update was made you could see a huge difference in Wasted and its community, people started dropping by the day including my clan.
    Link: https://shotbow.net/forum/threads/changelog-25-may-2014.210880/page-1

    This wasn't a big factor but it needs to be discussed anyway, in my opinion it was really pathetic the amount of arguments and disputes occurred and there's very simple fixes to them, but they fall in shotbows hands yet again.
    Daily you would see people calling hacks on petty things such as flying. "Fly hacker, be careful guys!" Why would this happen? because there was nothing informing them about these things, how players can obtain jetpacks to allow them to fly which there's a very simple solution to this which I'll explain later.
    "Teleport hacker alert!" Really? This is one of shotbows classes in Wasted that allows you to go invisible for a small period of time but since it allows you to go invisible, it appears your teleporting place to place since they can't actually see what you're doing, yet again a simple solution to this.
    "This guy has nofall" One of the good things about being a jetpacker these days is when you fall, no matter how many blocks you fall from you always land on 4 hearts depending what your health was before you fell. This allows jetpackers to make a simple mistake with ease as long as they don't fall again, which is a penalty to them in some ways because as soon as they land they are vulnerable to a one shot by various guns. But come on, this is very easy to fix happening.
    Now for more of the argument side of things.
    There would be constant fights over many things that were usually unfair or seemed unfair to players, I can easily see why people got upset, including me but its because it happened to frequently, and yet again there was an easy solution to this which is probably easy to guess.
    The common ones would be:
    • Hackers
    • Betrayals: Team killing
    • Spam
    • Racism
    • Cussing
    Basically all these things could piss some people of which is quite easy to see, now to explain the ways to fix both of these things from happening.
    SOLUTION #1: The TIPS that appeared in Wasted had far more potential but they weren't used for many things at all, they could easily add more things such as:
    TIP: In Wasted, Jetpacks allow you to fly to the skies allowing for easy mobility. Try to not mistake these for fly hackers!
    TIP: Jetpacks allow you to fall any amount of blocks but no matter what you will land on four hearts, this varies depending on health!
    TIP: In Wasted, there are various kits to add to the players Arsenal allowing you to perform extra things and make you more versatile, such as: Invisibility(Scout), Engineer(Building) and more!
    SOLUTION #2 Shotbow suprisingly lacks in staff that actually stay active on games and look out for cheats, and other disputes that can actually be handled very well, if there was staff around.
    All Shotbow needs to do is upgrade their staff and how active they are, the more staff online on servers means a safer environment for players to actually play the gamemode in and makes the game much more of an ease instead of constantly trying to get a person banned which could take ages and sometimes is just clearly a waste of time since you might not be able to get proof so easily.

    Bringing old traditions to light once again, some things got removed which were very unnecessary such as car damage, this allowed people on the ground to have advantage against the geared and it wasn't overpowered by any means at all, infact it just balanced things out more but people didn't like the idea of being able to be killed by a vehicle, it just makes much more sense, especially in a game like this.

    Another thing you could bring to light again is the falling building damage which was recently removed, it was another thing to counter mechs and even jetpackers, it made explosives that little bit more dangerous and added to the destruction effects. There was no reason for it to be removed, it was perfect. Another danger to be aware of, and I can't even think of bad things that this could cause.

    The map size in general is way to big, there's just way too much to explore. The map is far too big for the amount of players who play on the server and the time it takes to get to a next town is not very nice at all. After watching a lot of youtubers play Wasted in my spare time I realise that it's just too much effort to travel town to town, that can cover about an episode just travelling to your next town to loot it which is definitely a problem for people.

    Another problem I saw was that there wasn't very many places that you could think about strategically, all there is, is a couple of doorways and windows to escape from, nothing more. There needs to be basements, secret hatches and tunnel systems under the towns and even mines. Imagine the potential of this, then you can escape places more easily and set up strategic plans to infiltrate from the inside, even sewers wouldn't be a bad idea. This brings new life to Wasted towns and I think this needs to be done and it's very easy to do, it still makes it quite intensive as well.

    These are the main factors on why Wasted failed in the first place and can actually be easily fixed, just revert the Updates but add things that the community wants instead of trying to do it all by yourself thinking that you know whats best for the community, look how that turned out. For nearly a year Wasted players have been on a riot pretty much and hopefully with the new developers working on Wasted they will not make a mess of things (Love ya Robert).Hopefully you had a good read of this giant thing I've just placed in front of you but I still think it's a good idea, it's actually quite nice talking about these things after a while, I've always knew what was the problem and a lot of others have too.

    Brilliant summary of the update:

    The developers and the ones who whine to get this stuff fix are mostly those who do not play wasted. A ruler that has no clue of his peoples needs and does not server them is not a ruler, he is a tyrant. Play wasted a little, then decide what needs to be done to it goddamnit. Also, it is not a simple as "landing and shooting RL", if you had played wasted you would understand these things, but you don't. Not telling you that ALL the bug changes are bad for wasted, just a certain few. I'll admit, I always like the idea of empowering the ground player, but when doing so, the mech grows stronger. There are three "groups" of powers in wasted. Mechs, Jetpackers, and Infantry. If you nerf one of them you have to nerf all of them. Otherwise the power becomes unbalanced, and the game is ruined. It is a delicate, but certainly do-able process and I hope that Shotbow sees that.

  2. HypeTrains Regular Member

    When people join wasted lots of the time they ask when the game starts. They don't even know that Wasted is always going on. And when they finally learn how to spawn, someone shoots them and they instantly assume they have combat hacks and quit forever. This happened so much. Then, the problem with the texture pack. Not everyone downloads the textures, so when they spawn in they have a wooden hoe and have no idea what the heck they have to do. Then, they see a guy on a roof, that just flew down, spamming bullets at them with a diamond sword, leave for ever and still had no idea what Wasted was. And the worst part, is that every noob I have ever seen, doesnt read what their items are in their inventory, and it takes them weeks to figure out that their compass actually points to the objective and another month before they learn to change chat channels. Because they don't know what wasted is.

    So in other words, I don't think the problem is getting the old players back, it's getting new ones to stay. But all ur mistakes you pointed out were true, except rocket launchers should not be able to be shot from the air. Or LMGs. Or Mosins. I honestly think that the only thing we should have been allowed to air shoot are pistols. We already can do mid air C4 :D Because seeing a jetpacker spraying PKP shots on you is just plain stupid.
    Hydralax likes this.
  3. Jore_ Silver

    Pistols in air are pretty unnecessary because they do such little damage. Unless a new and more powerful pistol is introduced then JPers would just opt for an RL and land & shoot rather than carry 500 ammo for the pistol.
  4. NotDiezel Regular Member

    The 44. magnum and nagant are being added, both decently powerful.
  5. Robertthegoat Developer

    I guess a question I would ask with all of this, at what point is any game a "failure"? To me, a game that has entertained players for well over two years is a success. A failure in my books is something that never took off, and I mean 0 players, 0 fun. Perhaps, you could argue that some of your points may have shortened the longevity of the game, but if you deem a treasured experience a failure, than I'm afraid we just don't have what you're looking for. And I say that sincerely, and seriously. We provide content to our users that is meant to entertain. And I agree that the same thing over and over begins to lose entertainment value over time. And I also I agree that new content is a remedy. Reworking is another solution. The concept hasn't failed, the game hasn't failed, but there is certainly much that can be done to add on to what we all know and love, and rekindle what was at one time a raging popular game. If that proves futile, then I have failed :wink:
  6. Broooce Regular Member

    By discussing failiure I mean covering certain aspects that have failed and could of done better. I didn't once say the whole game was a complete failiure because over years it has brought enjoyment to us and has made some highlights in our lives. I'd never say that to a game that I love.
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