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Suggestion Wasted New Kit or Item: Trooper/Backpack

Discussion in 'Wasted' started by E3MINER, Jun 4, 2013.

Suggestion - Wasted New Kit or Item: Trooper/Backpack | Page 2
  1. FlashFire27 Regular Member


    lordstevenson kinda has a point... IMO o_O

    Maybe, there wouldn't be a trouper class, but still backpacks, but you would need to replace your kevlar chestplates or jetpacks with a backpack on your armor set just so it is more fair, kinda similar to my first post on this thread.

  2. nray93 Silver

    Im all for making a backpack item which , when worn Gives you 3 Aditional Inventory slots to be filled with stuff (ammo/food/armor). It should probably be a leather armor chestplate or the next weakest thing available since a backpack doesnt provide much protection against Bullets.
  3. That8_BitGamer Regular Member

    i think this would make the best class ever
  4. Wingdude100 Platinum

    The Trooper is an "eh, seems cool idea" and the backpack is an "epic idea bro"
  5. EBANTEN Platinum

    So does your signature. :stuck_out_tongue:

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